Why We Love Sunstaches

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” – John Muir

What do your kids like to do for fun? Well, my girls are imagination machines! They could play dress up and pretend all day long! I mean, the best part of being a kid is being able to be anything or anyone, with just the power of your imagination, right? Well, one of our favorite brands, Sunstaches, created a way to make dress up so fun and simple: with cool themed shades!

From Pokemon to Minions, Mickey to Elsa and so much more, you can simply change the theme of your outfit with the quick change of glasses. As you can see, we are ADDICTED and have dozens and dozens in our collection. I store mine in a big mint colored bin that i snagged from Target, and the girls will spend the afternoon switching sunglasses on and off, while pretending to be whatever they resembled. An absolutely great way to spend time at home with the kids having fun and being silly!

These little babies make fantastic party favors as well! They honestly have every theme imaginable, and can fit into even the most specific of party requests. Last year for Emma’s 7th birthday party, we gave out rainbow poop emoji sunglasses with the goody bags! Yep, you heard me right…… rainbow poop emoji glasses! They were easily the favorite favor in the bunch and because they look so darn cute, even the parents were giggling and loving them!

You can find Sunstaches pretty much anywhere and everywhere, including theme parks and party stores. The party stores like Party City are stocked with them at the moment. Why? Halloween of course! These little accessories can instantly turn you and your entire spooky bunch ready to trick-or-treat in style! Recently, Sunstaches sent us a Halloween costume kit to celebrate their “14 Days of Halloween”. Inside was some adorable clothes and matching Sunstaches to go with, to create simple costumes that you can still play in! Even I got an outfit, and I felt so special to be included in the fun!

Kensey was gifted a yellow shirt and an adorable denim overall dress, along with Minion style goggles to make a Bob or Kevin, whichever has two eyes haha. Emma was SO excited to receive a ladybug dress and matching glasses to become one of her favorite superheroes, Miraculous. She loves the show and felt just like her in this pretty little ensemble. She honestly didn’t take it off for hours. I received a cute yellow skater dress and matching Pikachu Sunstaches to turn me into the cute little Pokemon character. These were the perfect way to break into the Halloween season, and also a fantastic way to show how simple it is to turn everyday outfits into costumes with the help of Sunstaches!

So, whether you’re looking for a fun afternoon activity, or that last piece to put your Halloween party costume together, Sunstaches has you covered. My kiddos enjoy hours of entertainment with these sunglasses, and i get the best pictures to have as memories to look back on. Having a themed party? Snag some for photo booth props. Heading to Disneyland or Universal Studios? Snag some to add that costume flair, minus the costume price tag. They also make great entertainment for the kids in the car for long car rides. I’ve saved hours of sanity just by throwing a few of these babies in the back of the car. The sizes range from toddler all the way to adult, so there is a pair of Sunstaches for everyone. Ill leave a link to them at the bottom, but you can also find them on Instagram at @Sunstaches. They share great pictures daily of people rocking their Sunstaches, and if you tag them, they just might share yours too!


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