Frozen Two Premiere

Frozen fever is officially back, and we couldn’t be happier over here at the Block house! So you better believe that when we got invited to the Frozen Two World Premiere in Los Angeles, we screamed louder than we’ve ever screamed before! Without giving away any spoilers (because that is just not nice) I would love to recap the magical evening for you all, along with my opinion on the film.

Let me start by saying that Frozen was Emma’s first movie she attended at the age of 2 1/2. All this excitement and build up, for her to want to leave 45 minutes in. A funny memory now, but i can still remember how upset i was when i had to leave. The magic and music of the first installment had me hooked. Now, being a mom of two girls, this movie holds such a special new meaning. The bond the sisters have reminds me a lot of my own girls; their personalities a bit too. In a perfect world, I would have loved to have taken both to this once in a lifetime situation. But it is more of a grown up occasion, so I decided to take Emma and make it a girl’s date.

This premiere wasn’t just filled with stars from the movie. It was also filled with guests that are also dear friends to us, so naturally we all decided to meet up beforehand at the Dave and Busters off Hollywood and Hyland. Emma was excited to spend the evening all dressed up with her bestfriend Riley, as well as new friends! She had a bit of a costume change from lunch to the red carpet. We started the day in a beautiful Anna inspired dress and white fur snowflake purse from the Disney Store. We paired it with a pair of boots from Target, which I know are not accurate to what she wears, but with these kind of events, comfort is key.


Snowflake Purse:

Tan Boots:

We were gifted by Disguise Costumes, a pair of beautiful costumes to rock at the premiere, so Emma got to channel both sisters in one night! This Elsa costume is from the latest Frozen movie and looks just like it does on screen! She wore it all night and was super comfortable in the outfit! My Anna outfit was quite a showstopper. First of all, COMFORTABLE. Like seriously comfortable. I would honestly wear it everyday it’s cold. It also looked so much like the film! The quality is impeccable and i cant thank Disguise Costumes enough for sending us these beauties! I’ve linked the outfits below:

Elsa Child Costume:

Anna Adult Costume:

Once we were all nice and fed, we were able to wait in line to head into the red carpet. We were invited by Disney Studios to enjoy the evening in the “fan section,” which means everyone in that section was encouraged to dress up in their Frozen best. Waiting in line with the fan section is the best because everyone looks so incredible! From costumes to ball gowns, everyone was decked out! While we were waiting in line, Emma and Riley we’re even interviewed by BBC America, in which Emma did a fantastic job keeping her composure. A natural television star!

After a short wait, we were escorted onto the red carpet. This is such a surreal moment, because it’s the first time you get a look at where the stars will be arriving. We snag our spots in the front and wait for the magic to begin. It’s a bit of a wait, but no one cares…we’re at The Frozen Premiere! As you look around, you notice where the limos pull up. You notice the news stations and camera crew. You notice Anna and Elsa and even Olaf! The magic of Disney premieres always includes characters!

Once the cast and crew of the film started to arrive, you could feel the energy lift. We were put right next to the interviewing booth, which was a great view! The cast and crew were escorted right to our direction, and we got to see them being interviewed firsthand. The girls enjoyed seeing the stars and even some Disney Channel favorites! Once everyone had made their way down the red carpet, the time had finally come to see the most anticipated film of the year!

My Thoughts On The Movie

Okay, so i want to break down my thoughts on the movie without giving anything away. Sounds impossible, right? Might be. But I’m sure going to try because i would hate to spoil the movie and its plot points for anyone. So here is what i can tell you, without telling you a thing.

This movie was the most powerful film I have seen Disney come out with in a very long time. From a story standpoint, a lot of questions are answered. When we first met this royal family from Arendelle, we didn’t know much about them. In this movie, their history is revealed in a way that answers so many questions. The emotions you will feel while seeing this movie is on another level. The complexity of the characters and what they are experiencing and feeling is not something i was quite prepared for. The messages that we’re spoken through both song and in the story were absolutely beautiful. And let’s talk about how funny this movie is. Not silly and childish funny, but actually funny. By far, my favorite takeaway from this film was the music. I still cannot listen to some songs without crying, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I absolutely feel that this movie has a place in the awards section this year, especially in best original song. Be prepared to sing “Into The Unknown” over and over like we all still do with “Let It Go.” One last film related thing: stay until after all the credits have finished rolling for a cute additional scene.

After the film had ended, we were all left with our jaws on the floor. The twist and turns that this movie takes will have you wanting to see it a few times to catch it all. I can’t encourage you all enough to see Frozen Two. It is by no means a prissy little princess movie, but it still has the innocence of those Disney classics it will be paired next to. I can’t thank Disney enough for inviting us on this special occasion, and I can’t wait for you to all enjoy the film as much as i have. Here’s to going Into the Unknown!

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