Kensey Turns Three- Frozen Style

This past weekend, we celebrated our littlest not being so little anymore. Kensey has been asking for a birthday party for months now, and not just any kind of basic party. This princess wanted a FROZEN themed party, and she had just a few ideas on how I could make it the best day ever! Those ideas included the following:

  • Frozen castle bounce house
  • Anna and Elsa MUST be in attendance
  • Pirate Booty
  • Frozen Fruit Snacks
  • Her best friend, Ruby, must also be able to come

To me, that didn’t seem too hard to accomplish, although some of those requests seemed (and still do) a bit much for someone just turning three. I mean, C’mon, I remember that day well, and i know for a fact I should be the one being celebrated. I was happy none the less to make her little dreams come true, and I think I got pretty close to hitting this one out of the park in her eyes.

This party was geared mainly towards the younger crowd, so I wanted to make sure that the activites and party favors matched the age of the guests. We had a spread of all of Kensey’s favorite foods, like chips and pizza, as well as some options for the grown ups, like a veggie tray and some gluten free options. The kids also got to enjoy some pretend play with masks and Frozen themed Sunstaches sunglasses, and they even got a pair or two in their goodie bags to take home. Click on the link below to see all of their Frozen themed options:

Disney's Frozen

For entertainment, I was lucky to find the BEST bounce house rental company in Southern California to come help with the party! Magic Jump Rentals has everything you need from inflatables to seating, to food machines and more from L.A to Orange County, and even the Inland Empire. The company was exactly on time to deliver the bouncer, and even let us keep it a few extra hours at no additional cost! The staff was super friendly and professional, and completely made my daughter’s birthday one to remember! As parents, we LOVE bouce houses because they can entertain kids for hours on end, while I get to sit back and relax and enjoy her having fun!

You can access ALL of Magic Jump Rentals options by clicking on the link below:

We we’re also fortunate enough to have royalty stop by at her birthday party. Kensey wanted her dearest friends, and personal heroes, Anna and Elsa to come to her party. Not because she needed to have the best party one could ask for, but because she genuinely sees Anna and Elsa as her friends and wanted them to be in on the fun! A few calls to some friends later, and we had ourselves a royal birthday party! Anna and Elsa surprised Kensey by arriving during her party and playing some fun games with her friends. We played pin the nose on Olaf and pin the snowflake on Elsa. We played freeze dance too, which basically turned into one big dance party! They even stayed to sing the birthday girl Happy Birthday, and helped her blow out her birthday candles! I think it’s safe to say, Kensey and her friends LOVED spending time with our special guests!

Once Anna and Elsa needed to head back to Arendelle, we continued to bounce and play! I had bubbles set out for the kids, so that was a huge hit too. The kids continued to enjoy snacks and cupcakes, with the cutest little cupcake toppers from Glam Banners. Each kid took home a goodie bag and sunglasses, and a huge tired smile on their face! This Frozen party was a total success, and yes, her best friend Ruby did make it to the party, which was obviously most important piece of the day!

I’d like to thank the following for contributing to Kensey’s special day:

  • Magic Party Rentals- for providing the bounce house
  • Glam Banners- for providing the cupcake toppers
  • Sunstaches- for providing the Frozen sunglasses
  • Disguise Costumes- for providing the costumes and wigs for Anna & Elsa
  • Nicole Long Photography- for providing all the photography for the party.
  • Say It Now Boutique- for providing the fabric headbands for my girl’s party outfits
  • Anna & Elsa Actors- You know who you are. Thank You for your magic

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