The Online Shopping Survival Guide: Mom Edition

Okay, let’s face it. Things have been tough lately. With the ongoing quarantine that will last us for goodness knows how long, to this constant rain, we can’t catch a break as parents to help our kids release this energy. What can we do? The parks and beaches are closed. Play dates are a thing of the past. Yet, we still long for our children to have fun days filled with activities that enrich their minds and stretch their imagination. To be clear, I’m not one to encourage that we simply buy our children’s entertainment. There are so many free options we often forget. In this case, I’m trying to fill the void that physical education, field trips, and gymnastics class once did. So, if you’re like me and simply need a bit of help creating a more imaginative space, feel free to shop the links below! All of these items have brought a ton of joy since the lockdown. Some of them have helped burn some necessary energy, and some have helped expand the mind in a fun way! I hope you find this post helpful, and above all, stay safe. The virus can live on cardboard boxes for up to 24 hours, so be sure to leave the your goodies alone on the doorstep for a bit before opening.

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