D.I.Y Autumn Leaf Crown

The air is turning crisp and colder, which means we are in the thick of fall. I absolutely love this time of year! Christmas is on its way, and everyone just seems a little bit more cheerful. As much as i LOVE Christmas, I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to autumn. November brings things like cozy clothes, turkey, and beautiful fall leaves. They are my favorite part about the season, and such a diverse craft piece too! As fun as real leaves can be for crafts, I used fake leaves on this one, but the tribute to this little fall mascot is still very much there. So, snag your glue gun and let’s get to crafting!

Let’s talk foliage. The leaves this time of year are absolutely beautiful, but dry. The real things are great for a fun toddler art project, but if you want a crown that will last, choose to go with faux. I snagged some fake leaves at The Dollar Tree back in September when Halloween prep was in full effect. And when I say I snagged some, I mean I snagged a ton! You can also head to your local craft store, but start at a dollar only style store to keep your costs low. Here is a full list of materials you’ll need to make this project:

  • 10-15 faux maple leaves
  • paintbrushes
  • headband
  • acrylic paint
  • glue gun
  • optional: glitter, add-ons like star wire

Once you have your materials gathered, you can start to create! Cut your fake leaves off the stem and lay out on a tablecloth you don’t like, or a paper plate. Take your paint and start to paint the leaves. I like to mix pastels and metallics together to give it a bit of depth, but you can choose any colors you want. Be sure to give your leaves at least three coats of paint, to give it that vibrant look. Once the leaves are dry, you can start to glue them onto the headband. Hold the headband horizontally and glue the leaves on in a way that you find pleasing. I like to find the biggest leaf and put that in the middle and glue outward. If you want to add an extra dose of sparkle, you can always sprinkle on some glitter or add some star wire…honestly whatever makes you happy! That’s it! Enjoy your beautiful autumn crown and rule the world of fall!

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