Apps You Need To Run Your Life Like A Boss

If you’re anything like me, your phone is basically an addtional part of your body. Your bestfriend who’s just always there for you. What I’m trying to say is, if you’re anything like me, your phone is always around. Why not use this incredible gadget to streamline your life a bit more? With the endless app choices out there, it’s impossible to know all of the helpful ones that are available to you. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites, along with some options I have saved for the future in case I need. I hope this list helps you navigate this crazy thing we called life with a bit more ease.


Are those home repairs adding up due to COVID? Has the broken shower handle or leak under the faucet reached a point where you just cant ignore it anymore? The “Handy” app helps you hire local contractors in your area and helps you price compare for the best possible deal! So, whether it’s a full blown fix or a simple upgrade, leave it up to the professionals to handle the job!


Anyone else just thriving through this “work from home” stage in our lives?! Seriously, I could stay like this forever! No need to sit in traffic, I can leave my sweatpants on all day and won’t get fired for it, the list of reasons can go on and on! It definitely has its perks, but also its setbacks. When it comes to having quick conversations with team members, you cant just hop onto a Zoom each time! Want to send a message to multiple team members? Slack is great for getting on-the-fly communication to everyone you need, minus the group text pile up that can happen with the basic texting format. Create channels, set alerts, comment, and organize, all in one!


The app to close all the confusion when it comes to how your precious Instagram “grid” will look with future posts. Simply download this app and sync to your social media channel and you can place photos in designated spots to see how your layout will look in the future. This gives you a chance to see if your editing and aesthetic is cohesive and the overall look is what you’re envisioning. Want to know something better? It also helps plan out your content for as far out as you want! Want to batch work your content? Do so, then plug it away for future reference. Unlike Hootsuite, which will post for you by scheduling the app to do so, you will still need to post your content manually. This does however, take the headache of keeping your content cohesive out, and I’m totally here for it.


Doing a little Spring cleaning? Are you realizing that some of your pieces in your closet are no longer your style? Don’t assume your trash isn’t someone else’s treasure! List your items on Poshmark and start to make a bit (or a lot) of side money to trade in for fresher fits. The thing I love about the app is they away the headache of selling your goods. From categorizing your items based on type or designer, to getting alerts sent straight to your phone when an item has been sold, it is all too easy! When an item sells, they calculate the cost of shipping in the order and send you a printable shipping label to mail it out. When your item has been received, your earnings show up in your bank account! Cha-Ching!! Who doesn’t love a random payday!


This app is your little bodyguard in your pocket, alerting you when danger may be near. Okay, that sounds super dramatic, but it’s kind of true. The Citizen app is great for those individuals who mainly live in the city. If you’re traveling to a new city, or simply taking a long vacation somewhere new, this is also a good app to look into. Users get location based alerts regarding “risky situations” and dangerous events happening, so that you can stay safe at home and avoid any potential danger. It’s also an interactive app too! You can leave comments and advice, check in on ongoing reports, and access safety tracking for your family. It keeps you just that much safer during an unsure time in our world. Peace of mind is totally worth checking out this app over.


When your brain just wont stop going and you need a moment of clarity, bless this perfect little app! I’ve personally found it hard to turn out the world while attempting meditation, but like all things, with practice comes improvement! Headspace makes it convenient to practice meditation anywhere, anytime. What once felt like a chore is now quite literally the most peaceful part of my day thanks to founder Andy Puddicombe’s desire to bring his Buddhist monk experience into our daily lives. Guided meditations of all sizes can be found on this app, so whether you have a lot of time to devote, or just a little, there’s something for everyone.


I’m going to warn you….this is a financial app. But before you roll your eyes and hate me for even bringing up the subject, give me just a second more of your time. Acorns is the app for people like me, who don’t know a thing about finances and investing. Stocks? Don’t know her. Acorns takes your spare change and makes it work for YOU. The app automatically takes your change (think small, like $1-$5) on a reoccurring basis, watching your portfolio for automatic balancing. You can also save for retirement based on your goals and income. It’s all figured out for you, you just need to fill in the info.


If you know me on any level, you know I thrive on productivity. An enneagram three at heart, I consider accomplishment a completely crossed off to do list and I’m not afraid to admit it. This app is not only good for productive souls but also for those seeking self improvement. Done helps you create healthy life habits by setting your goals and tracking your progress. It even sends you little motivational alerts. Get rid of those pesky bad habits and start to set realistic weekly and monthly goals for yourself. I am also a victim of losing my to do list around the house somewhere, so this helps cross off my day digitally in a place where I can’t lose it! Get things done and feel good doing it! What more can you ask for?!

Offer Up

When it comes to getting rid of big ticket items in your life like furniture, what do you do? Sometimes, the answer is heading to Goodwill or donating it to another second hand store. But, what if some of those items you are considering getting rid of actually still valuable? Try “Offer Up” and see your items get the value they deserve! Skip the annoying process of listing on Facebook or Craigslist and list your goods at Offer Up! We are always in the process of looking for good items to have when we move into our dream home, and this app has been an actual goldmine! I highly recommend!

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