The Loviest Valentine’s Day Books For Kids

The season of love is here and I am more excited than I’ve ever been for it! I plan on making a ton of Valentine’s Day themed content in the weeks to come, and I wanted to start off with my top reads! Ever since Halloween, the kids have been loving the idea of having holiday books set aside to enjoy. I normally would utilize our local library to collect such things, but due to the pandemic, that is sadly not an option. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite books to read to my littles during the month of February, along with a shoppable link so you can start to collect safely from your home!

The Biggest Valentine Ever”
“The Day It Rained Hearts”
“Love Is A Good Thing To Feel”
“Happy Valentine’s Day, Little Critter”
“Romeo And Juliet, A Counting Primer”
“Scooby Doo: A Very Scary Valentine’s Day
“Anna Loves Elsa”
” The Love In My Heart”
“Love Monster”
“The Invisible String”
“Pete The Cat: Valentine’s Day Is Cool”
“There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Rose”

Winter Gnome D.I.Y Garland

Call me Judy, because I may have gone a bit garland crazy as of late. I absolutely love how a garland can transform a space and create some whimsy anywhere it lays! I wanted to create a holiday themed option, but the ideas I found just weren’t my favorite.. until I stumbled on this gem of an idea! I decided to give it a try, because it seemed so simple, and it was! I love how you can keep this up, honestly all year long if you want! There isn’t a specific holiday feel to it, so it’s very subtle in the festive department, Best of all, it was super cheap to create!

Materials Needed:

  • White yarn
  • Medium sized book
  • Scissors
  • Yarn color of choice for beanies
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • Cotton Balls
  • Large sewing needle
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Small wooden beads
  • Optional: pom pom maker

How to Create:

To start, we are going to create the beanie for your gnome. Take your beanie yarn color of choice and wrap the yarn around the book about thirty times. Take your scissors and cut the yarn off of the book. Take your toilet paper roll and cut off a small section, about an inch thick. Take your yarn pieces and begin to attach the yarn to the paper ring. To attach, take your yarn piece and fold in half. Place behind the roll and create a hoop with the top part of the yarn, and loop the ends through to attach. See the photos below for more of a refernece. Once attached, repeat this process until all of the yarn has covered the paper circle. If you need to cut more yarn to cover, feel free to do so. After the ring is covered, take the yarn ends and tuck into the paper ring, so that the yarn is facing up. Take another piece of yarn and tie the yarn pieces together about 3/4 of the way up. Take two cotton balls and shove it up into the beanie to add some shape. Cut the top of the yarn down , so that you have a fluffy little beanie topper. Repeat this process until you have made your desired amount of beanies for your gnomes.

To make the gnome beard pom, I used a Clover brand pom pom maker and created perfect poms in minutes! Don’t have a pom maker? That’s totally okay! I’ve attached a link to a video below that shows how to make a perfect pom without any extra materials. After you have created your desired amount of poms for your gnome, it’s time to assemble the garland. Take your beanies and hot glue the base of the beanie to the pom. Then, take your wooden bead and hot glue it to where the base of the hat and the beginning of the pom meet. Once you have assembled all of the gnomes, it’s time to string them together. Due to the thickness of the cotton ball, and the thickness of the yarn, you will need a needle with a larger hoop. Take your yarn and string the gnomes together through the beanie. To add a little extra whimsy, I put wooden beads between to break them up a bit, but you don’t have to. Once they are all strung together, you’re ready to hang and enjoy your hard work! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and for a more detailed look on how I created this D.I.Y, be sure to follow me on Instagram at @OCfitmommy where i break down this project with video in my story highlights! Happy Holidays!

D.I.Y Pom Pom Tutorial (without pom maker)

Ombre Pumpkin Pie Paint Swatch Garland

At a loss for festive decor for Thanksgiving? Look no further! This garland literally took less than ten minutes to make, and was under $5 to create! If you cant tell by my past D.I.Y entries, I’m big on finding cute decor ideas that cost next to nothing. Im a firm believer that you don’t have to sacrifice cost or class to create a great home decor piece, and this garland just proves it. I love that this activity is also kid friendly to create, so if you want to involve them in the process, go right ahead! Here’s what you’ll need to make this project:

  • seven to eight orange paint swatches (free from your local Home Depot)
  • glue gun
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • burlap ribbon
  • cotton balls

To start, heat up your glue gun. As its heating up, you can cut out triangles with your paint swatches. I would make it go at least 3-4 colors long, to create the ombre effect. To make the “crust,” take your burlap ribbon and make sure its thin enough to just cover the top. glue the burlap ribbon onto the paint swatch and let dry. To create the “whip cream dollop” take your cotton ball and glue in the center with your hot glue gun. Once all your pie pieces are created, glue them onto a piece of yarn with your glue gun. Once dried, hang and enjoy! Such a simple and inexpensive D.I.Y! Happy Thanksgiving! I’m so thankful for each and every one of you!

D.I.Y Autumn Leaf Crown

The air is turning crisp and colder, which means we are in the thick of fall. I absolutely love this time of year! Christmas is on its way, and everyone just seems a little bit more cheerful. As much as i LOVE Christmas, I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to autumn. November brings things like cozy clothes, turkey, and beautiful fall leaves. They are my favorite part about the season, and such a diverse craft piece too! As fun as real leaves can be for crafts, I used fake leaves on this one, but the tribute to this little fall mascot is still very much there. So, snag your glue gun and let’s get to crafting!

Let’s talk foliage. The leaves this time of year are absolutely beautiful, but dry. The real things are great for a fun toddler art project, but if you want a crown that will last, choose to go with faux. I snagged some fake leaves at The Dollar Tree back in September when Halloween prep was in full effect. And when I say I snagged some, I mean I snagged a ton! You can also head to your local craft store, but start at a dollar only style store to keep your costs low. Here is a full list of materials you’ll need to make this project:

  • 10-15 faux maple leaves
  • paintbrushes
  • headband
  • acrylic paint
  • glue gun
  • optional: glitter, add-ons like star wire

Once you have your materials gathered, you can start to create! Cut your fake leaves off the stem and lay out on a tablecloth you don’t like, or a paper plate. Take your paint and start to paint the leaves. I like to mix pastels and metallics together to give it a bit of depth, but you can choose any colors you want. Be sure to give your leaves at least three coats of paint, to give it that vibrant look. Once the leaves are dry, you can start to glue them onto the headband. Hold the headband horizontally and glue the leaves on in a way that you find pleasing. I like to find the biggest leaf and put that in the middle and glue outward. If you want to add an extra dose of sparkle, you can always sprinkle on some glitter or add some star wire…honestly whatever makes you happy! That’s it! Enjoy your beautiful autumn crown and rule the world of fall!

Easy Ghost Garland Tutorial

Wow, have I gone ghost crazy this season! I just can’t get enough of these little spirits, and the home decor is no exception! This year, I constructed these garlands for my friends as a way to “boo” them in a way that they would enjoy! I made a custom color scheme for each recipient and mailed them as a surprise! Absolutely made my day seeing their reactions online as they opened them, so I highly recommend making one for a loved one as a gift! This D.I.Y is so simple to do, anyone can do it! For this craft, you will need the following:

  • white yarn, along with three other complimentary colors
  • a book
  • scissors
  • black felt
  • glue gun and glue
  • painter’s tape
  • option: sparkle yarn for bows

To begin, you will take a piece of yarn the length of the book spine and tape it to the book spine using painter’s tape. I found that painter’s tape comes off the easiest and is easy to reuse, as you will reuse the tape for multiple ghosts. Once you have the yarn taped on the book spine, start to wrap the yarn around the book horizontally. The more times you wrap the book, the thicker your tassel will become. I chose to go to thirty and stop, as about thirty times gave a good amount of thickness. Once you have wrapped it to your desired thickness, take the taped piece of yarn and tie a knot to gather together and secure the yarn. Once tied at the top, cut the yarn wrapped around the bottom. Take another piece of yarn and about a third of the way down, tie a knot to create a tassel. Trim the bottom to even out the yarn pieces and you’re done! Repeat this process for each color, until you have six completed tassels for each yarn color.

For the white tassels, we will now be creating the ghost faces. Take your glue gun and start to heat that baby up! While it’s heating, you can start to create your ghost face pieces. This is where you can be completely creative…make them look anyway you like! I like to make each of the faces look different to give the garland a unique personality. To create the eyes, cut out very small circles. To create a smiling mouth, cut out a half moon shape by using the edges and a circular cutting shape. Once you have your pieces cut, glue them onto the white tassel. If you want to add some extra sparkle, take some glistening yarn and make a double knotted bow around the ghost’s neck area. After your ghosts are decorated, you can now start to string them together!

To string them together, take a piece of yarn and hang on two sides of your fireplace or mantel. If you don’t have one, take a long piece of yarn and tie down to something. Find the middle of the yarn string and tie your first ghost on. Once you have that one tied on, tie another ghost next to it. Start to repeat this process outward with the complimentary colors, so they match on each side. I tend to double knot each ghost onto the garland for extra hold. Once you have all of your tassels attached to the string, cut the extra string pieces off and you’re done! You can add knots on each end to give it a place to attach, or leave as is! Seriously, how simple was that?! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and have a ghostly good time creating!

My Top Ghost Themed Must Haves

Halloween season is still consuming my every thought when it comes to purchases as of late. I find myself mindlessly typing in things like “pumpkin” or “ghost” in the search engine, just to see what comes up. I’ve been putting my focus on ghosts this year, but not the scary kind… more like the cute kind my girls adore! It’s all things pastel and ghost this year, and I’m not hating it. From spooky sweaters to sweet home decor and kid’s activities, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite ghostly items, just for you!

This cute little pillow is one of my favorite things to come out of Target this Fall. I love it’s subtle ghost vibes! it spooks up any room while still remaining chic. It doesn’t scream cheesy Halloween decor, which is always a major plus. Put it in your entry way to add a little extra touch, or use it as a throw pillow on your nicest sofa chair in your living room. Super versatile and you can’t beat that price!

Dress A Ghost Printables

These printables are a total game changer! Best of all…they’re FREE! These are the cute little ghosts pictured above in my main image, and BOTH of my girls play with them constantly! Basically, anything that will keep my kid’s attention for longer than five minutes is a win for me. These cute little printable ghosts come with all kinds of fun accessories to sass them up. I downloaded the printable from the link above, then I laminated the paper and cut them out and found a cute little bag to hold them in. Makes for a great gift for Fall baskets or Halloween gifts, and makes the perfect distraction in the morning when you’re trying to keep them occupied before breakfast. A huge thanks to Lydia Louise Blog for creating such a fun and festive idea!

The cutest little spoon rest that there ever was! I love how happy and cheerful he looks, and he absolutely dresses up any kitchen!

Beetlejuice x Unique Vintage No Feet Sweatshirt

Just seeing the image of ghosts in a Polaroid just makes your brain instantly think “Beetlejuice!” The sweatshirt style is everything, and I can’t wait to snag this when it gets cold enough to wear!

In the Dead Of The Night Graphic Tee

Staying within the theme of that cute ghost look with a vintage feel, this tee is so cute it hurts! I love the ringer style and the vintage looking graphic on the front!

White Ghosts Drop Earrings

Unique Vintage ALWAYS brings it with the Halloween closet staples, and these ghost earrings are no exception. Simple but recognizable shape makes them perfect for a subtle Halloween vibe. Dress them up by pairing them with a classic LBD, or dress them down with some jeans and a simple tee for just the right amount of festive.

These pajamas have my heart and soul. I have basically lived in these bad boys since the moment they showed up on my doorstep! I like to use the pajama top as a fitted long sleeve tee paired with cute boots and jeans, because 2020 is definitely the year for comfy chic! Bonus: they come in sizes for the entire family! My husband is basically anti-matching anything, so I only snagged a set for me and the girls (I’ll hit him up during Christmas time for that nonsense lol). These pajamas are selling crazy fast, so I wouldnt wait too long to snag some in your size! Then, time to cozy up by the fire and watch Hocus Pocus.

You can file this cutie away under “things I know I don’t need, but do.” Hold your Airpods in this ghost shaped silicone case and be the cutest ghoul around! I love how it clips easily onto any key ring for easy access, and its happy little expression just brightens my day!

Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! Cotton On is my designated go to spot for the best mug selection, and this Ghostbusters mug is no exception! I just love its classic look, almost like drinking out of it makes you an official team member!

Okay, cutest hat ever! The listing is from the men’s department, so I guess you can give it to your significant other….but I’m rocking this baby myself! I love the subtle little ghost embroidery and the orange tint makes it perfect for spooky season!

Ghost Mickey alert! It didn’t feel right to not have something Disney themed in this post, and this light up Halloween ghost plush is the perfect addition! Just like magic, the plush lights up when you place it on the palm of your hand. Use it as a Halloween basket stuffer, or put it somewhere around the house for extra decor. At night, it works great for a kid’s flashlight.

Okay, this blanket is HUGE! It can literally fit your entire spooky clan in it! Makes for a great comforter cover on your bed for an extra dash of festive this holiday season! I actually fell in love with it for its cute print! Definitely a must have for those cozy nights in.

Well, that about wraps it up for the list of my ghost themed must haves! It was so fun hunting for these items, and even more fun purchasing a few! I hope you snag yourself some spooky, but not too spooky pieces for yourself!

D.I.Y Spiderweb Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Hi friends! Back at it again with some fun D.I.Y action for you! This time…it’s Halloween themed! We’ll be making this fun spiderweb wreath, but don’t worry, its super simple, and the total cost is under $10! With this time of year leading up to the holiday season, cost effective ideas are a must for me. So i like to upgrade cheap options rather than drop serious money on decorations. I don’t know about you, but my taste in decor often changes and evolves. That’s why I like to change it up every year, but by integrating things that are cost effective and can be edited easily. Now, about that spiderweb wreath…this baby is simple to create, but you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Glue Gun
  • Bag of Spiderwebs
  • Bag of Fake Spiders
  • Black Acrylic or Spray Paint
  • Thin Ribbon of Choice

To begin, take apart your embroidery hoop and separate the outer and inner circles. You will need both hoops for this project. The first steo would be to paint the hoops black, Depending on your time frame and preference, you can either hand paint the hoops with acrylic paint, or spray paint the hoops. I made a few wreaths and I strongly recommend the spray paint option, haha! Once the hoops are dried, take your spiderweb and start to assemble on the inner hoop. The wood acts as a natural glue, so the web is easy to assemble. Once you get the web look you desire, take the outer hoop and layer on top of the webbed inner hoop. Screw together with the screw on top and trim the edges of the extra webbing. The hoops layered together will hold the spiderweb in place, but for added hold, you can glue edges with a glue gun. Start to heat up your glue gun, and edit once heated, if you think extra hold is necessary.

While the glue gun is hot, take your black spiders and glue around one edge of the hoop. For a more dramatic effect, try to snag a few bags of spiders that are different sizes. I had a hard time finding different ones, so along with my original bag of spiders shown above, i bought some spider rings and cut the ring part off and spray painted them. Once you have achieved the look you want, it’s time to add the ribbon. Take your ribbon and create a bow around the metal screw of the embroidery hoop. For added hold, glue the bow with hot glue onto the metal screw. Once you have done that, take a second piece of ribbon that is about two feet long and wrap around the center of the bow. Glue the second ribbon onto the bow center and use the extra ribbon for hanging. That’s it! You’re all done!

I snagged the embroidery hoop at Jo Anne’s Fabrics, but you can locate them on Amazon as well. The total cost of a hoop was under $3. The spiderwebs, spiders, acrylic paint, and ribbon i got at The Dollar Tree, bringing the cost of this D.I.Y before tax to be $7! If you don’t have access to the stores listed above, you can snag all of these items online through Amazon, by clicking the links below:

Embroidery Hoop:


Black Plastic Spiders:

Black Acrylic Paint:


Purchasing everything in store does lower the cost of the wreath by a ton, but I wanted to give options in case going out is not an option. I hope you enjoy making this slightly spooky decoration just as much as i did!

Recycled Monster Buddies Craft

This cute and easy craft is not only wallet friendly, but earth friendly too! I LOVE creating things with toilet paper and paper towel rolls because they work so well for so many things! And at the rate we come across them, we mind as well find a fun way to use them! Halloween is a great time to get creative with these little babies, and one way to do it is to create some spooky friends! These “Monster Buddies” are great for those preschool and elementary school crafters to not only play with, but create! To start you’ll need:

  • A large empty coffee can
  • multi-colored construction paper
  • 4 toilet paper rolls
  • googly eyes
  • acrylic paint in the colors orange, mint green, and off white
  • glue, preferably a glue gun or Tacky glue
  • scissors
  • paintbrushes
  • black marker
  • Halloween stickers for decor

To begin, you will need to make sure your coffee can is washed out and your toilet paper rolls have been stripped of all toilet paper. Once that is done, you can begin painting your toilet paper rolls. For the mummy roll, we are going to leave that as is, so put one toilet paper roll aside. Paint the remaining three rolls with at least two coats of the paint colors listed above. If you don’t have access to acrylic paint, regular art paint will work. Acrylic paint is more vibrant and sticks better to the rolls without chipping, so acrylic is my preferred choice. Toe achieve the vibrant look, add two to three coats and leave to dry overnight. Once dried, you can begin to decorate.

To decorate the pumpkin, cut out three small triangles. Arrange two triangles to form eyes and turn the other triangle upside down to form the nose. Cut out a funny looking mouth and attach on with glue. Cut a thumb shaped brown stem and attach to the inside of the toilet paper roll. Cut out a long football shape on green construction paper and use a pen or pencil to curl it by wrapping it around. Glue the curled leaf next to the brown stem on the inside of the roll. You are officially the pumpkin King or Queen!

To create Dracula the vampire, take your off white colored roll and glue two googly eyes in the middle. Take your black construction paper and cut out the hair design by adding two arches in between a triangle. Once that is cut out, you glue it onto the top of the roll. Take your black marker and draw a half circle smile. Add two small white triangles for teeth on the arches of the smile. Take your red construction paper and cut an obtuse triangle out for the cape. Take the triangle and glue it onto the back center of the roll. After that, you’re all done! Time for some blood sucking good times!

To make the Frankenstein monster, take your mint green painted roll and glue a small black rectangle cut from construction paper, near the bottom for a mouth. Angle the rectangle ever so slightly, for a creepy smile look. Take a second black rectangle and glue it an inch or so above, for his bushy uni brow. Take two googly eyes and glue right towards the bottom of the eyebrow rectangle. Cut out a strip of small black triangles on black construction paper and glue to the top for hair. After that, it’s alive! He’s ALIVE!!

To create the mummy, it basically requires no effort. Take your bare roll and glue two googly eyes in the middle of the roll. Cut out 1/4 inch wide strips of toilet paper and glue back onto the roll, making it look like your wrapping a mummy. Once you have achieved the mummified look you want, you’re all done! Ready for its tomb sweet tomb!

To keep these monster buddies from getting lost or damaged, take a large coffee can and decorate it with Halloween themed stickers and construction paper! I covered mine with orange, with the intention to make it a jack-o-lantern, but decided last minute to make it cute and festive with some felt stickers i grabbed from the Dollar Tree. All of these materials, i snagged from either the Dollar Tree or Target, or was laying around my house ready for the trashcan. It’s good to be Eco-friendly while being creative!

When it comes to playing with them, you can use them to encourage imaginative play by simply letting your child make up their own use for them. You can use them as puppets in a play, ask your preschool child to describe them using color references. You can talk about the various shapes that are found, since there are most present in this craft. You can count the monster buddies, hide them for hide and seek, etc. There are so many fun ways to play, and I hope you enjoy creating them just as much as I did!

Target Fall Fashion Finds For Under $50

Sweater weather is creeping in, and that brings on the feels of pumpkin spice and Halloween tees. Target is my go to spot for pretty much everything in life, and fashion is no exception. They have such a wide variety of stylish items and the seasonal ones are always my favorite! I’ve compiled a list of my favorite pieces below, along with their links for easy shopping! Stay spooky and stylish!

This tee is an absolute must! Tie-dye and cute little Halloween graphics? I’m sold!

A classic Jack-O-Lantern tee is a Halloween closet staple. I love how it’s got a bit of sparkle to the face for added shine!

These are my favorite masks in the entire world! That’s no lie, I really do love them. They’re light and comfortable, but also protective. You also can’t beat the $4 price tag.

This is NOT a drill! They have matching Halloween pajamas at Target, guys. I already bought a pair of Mickey ghost pajamas at Shop Disney, but I’m super tempted to get these babies too! They’re so cute, I would wear the top as a regular tee paired with some skinny jeans and boots!

This is an easy yes when it comes to online shopping. I love the overall bat print and black and white color pallet. This sweater would be perfect for a trip to the pumpkin patch on Halloween!

Just like the tee above, but for those chilly nights out or a walk to snag the latest fall item at Trader Joes. I have a similar sweater to this that I found last year on Amazon, and I basically lived in it all October. This is a popular piece for sure, so don’t wait to order!

I love the burnt orange color of this oh so silky headband! Throw this in your hair for an added bit of chicness to any outfit, or a pop of fall color without going too overboard.

What a beautiful set of boots! These babies look so expensive, but for $40, they are a total steal! Target makes some of the most comfortable shoes in my closet, and their boot selection is no exception! These boots come in closet basics like brown and black, but they also come in statement making prints like snakeskin and leopard.

Orange can be a tough color to rock with confidence, but this flattering number seems to make anyone feel cute! So roomy and comfortable, but with the high neckline and tie waist detail, it’s also quite chic! Pair with some cute ankle boots and a black motorcycle jacket and you’re festive and put together!

A pair of high rise black skinny jeans. If you don’t own a pair, get a pair and prepare to live most of your life in them. These are the ones I’m wearing in the photo above and they’re my favorite black skinnies! These pair curve in all of the right places, and will easily go with any of the tops I linked above. The black color makes them perfect for this spooky season!

I have always been a fan of tights during fall, ever since Blair Waldorf came into our lives. It’s a cute way to break up the everyday pants routine! Fishnet stockings are my all time favorite, but I loved how cool this larger version looks! Pair with a black skirt, Halloween sweater, and booties and you have yourself a winning look!

Faux leather is HUGE this season and this skirt is an easy way to try the trend in this So Cal weather. Paired with that tie-dye Halloween tee I mentioned above, are you serious?! So cute!

I am living for these cat Halloween socks! Bonus: the eyes glow in the dark! I love their delicate little cat ears and they’re only $4, so it’s an easy yes. Throw these on with some ankle boots and a cute a-line skirt for a flirty and festive look!

I love holiday fashion and these pieces will help add that extra spooky cheer to any wardrobe. And all without breaking the bank too!

Super Fun Trick Or Treat Alternatives

What a weird year this 2020 has been, am i right?! We as a society have been living an episode of Netflix’s Black Mirror for a little less than a year now, and we’re all over it. We miss our friends, our routines, our social calendars. To add to it, we now have to figure out a way to keep the spirit of the spooky season alive when the traditional trick or treating isn’t an option. Not to worry, I’ve compiled a list of alternatives for you to do with your littles, should door to door trick or treating be axed on All Hallow’s Eve. It may not have the same spirit as the usual routine, but it may turn out to be more fun in the long run!

Treat Scavenger Hunt

This is an idea that feels most like traditional trick or treating. Take a few bags of candy and disperse them around your yard or home, like you would an Easter egg. If you typically do your trick or treating before dark, you can easily hide the candy on its own, without any additional aid. If you like to do your candy hunting after dark, I suggest snagging some cute pumpkin bags and faux tea lights to subtly light the way. I found some super cute pumpkin bags that came in a pack of 100 off of Amazon, which I will link below. If you have a large space to work with, spread the candy out so that this game lasts as long as possible. Bonus idea: leave a clue that leads to a large bag or cauldron bucket of candy for them to find at the end of the hunt. It’s like hitting the mother load, or reaching that house that hands out the king sized candy bars: actual heaven!

Spooky Movie Marathon

Nothing screams Halloween quite like a spooky movie marathon! Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without our classic friends like Count Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Werewolf. If you have smaller viewers at home, you may want to wait to watch those until they’re passed out from too much candy. Here is a list of family-friendly Halloween movies:

  • Hocus Pocus
  • Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie
  • Halloweentown
  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Spooky Buddies
  • Monster House
  • The Adventures Of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
  • Scoob!
  • The Addams Family (2019)
  • Super Monsters Save Halloween
  • Toy Story of Terror
  • Curious George: A Halloween Boo-Fest
  • Hotel Transylvania
  • Frankenweenie
  • Coraline
  • Corpse Bride
  • The Haunted Mansion
  • Double Double Toil and Trouble
  • Casper
  • It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

These movie options range in age, but they are all generally family friendly in my opinion. If you want to make it a full blown experience, I suggest getting some matching Halloween themed pajamas to go with your movie night! Being the Disney fans that we are, I snagged these cute matching pajamas at! Bonus: They come in adult sizes, so I had to grab myself a matching pair! If there is still room after candy, don’t forget to bring the popcorn!

Carving Pumpkins

This may seem like an obvious option, but carving pumpkins on All Hallows Eve is a classic tradition that’s often overlooked due to the luster of trick or treating. So snag your best carving tools and gather your loved ones for a pumpkin carving party! Print out some fun and spooky designs and get creative! Put on some fun classic Halloween tunes like “Monster Mash” or “Thriller” to get the creative juices flowing! Make it a competition: choose a design for someone else and have them try to recreate it! The best recreation wins! Not into pumpkin carving carnage? Paint pumpkins instead! If you want that thick coat of paint, I suggest using tempura paint, which you can find at your local craft supply store. They may not glow at night like a traditional Jack-O-Lantern, but they will last much longer and give your creation a unique twist. Once you’re done with your pumpkins, set outside to admire your hard work!

Cookie Decorating Party

Make it the scariest cookie decorating party you’ve ever had! From monster shapes, to zombie unicorns and more, there are so many fun options to create! If you have a party of 6 or more, split up into teams and make it a competition! I’ve linked some cookie cutter and decorating options below, in case you need a head start on some ideas! Be mindful that carriers like Amazon are slower than usual, so order early to avoid the hassle.

Zoom Virtual Party Or Sleepover

Take the night and create a party from a safe distance! No contact is still very much a thing in our world socially, and there are ways to still have a good time with friends, without having to put your family at risk. Dress up in your favorite costume, just like you would on any other normal Halloween night. Log into a Zoom chat with your buds and party the night away! Create a fun and festive background and put on some spooky music to get the mood set! Incorporate your cookie decorating or pumpkin carving into the party, or play some fun Halloween games! Pick a Halloween craft and do it together! Do a spooky makeup tutorial and have everyone give it a try! Watch the same movie together and end the night with ghost stories and more Halloween candy! There are so many options to make the party more than just sitting and talking.

Halloween Crafts

Speaking of Halloween crafts, there are a ton of options simply on Pinterest that you can try! Just choose the option that best suits your audience’s age group, and create! I have a three and eight year old, so my crafts range in that area. I’ll be creating some fun ideas throughout the month of September and October, but I’ve linked a few of my favorites from Pinterest below to get your creative juices flowing…

Halloween Games

Another great way to make the night more interesting is to create some fun Halloween games to play! Pinterest is also a great place to find fun games based on your families age group and preferences. It’s going to be a long night, so having games prepared is a fun way to break up the evening, and the non stop candy eating. Some games I found would be fun and plan on playing are:

  • Mummy Wrap contest using toilet paper
  • Noodle worm eyeball dig
  • Witch hat ring toss
  • Donuts on a string eating game
  • Monster scavenger hunt

I found these ideas on Pinterest, and the cost of the supplies are super low! For the mummy wrap, I bought large industrial sized rolls of toilet paper back in March when toilet paper was impossible to find. I bought 12 rolls. 12 rolls, guys. NOW I have a reason and purpose to use them! The noodle worm eyeball dig is simply cooked noodles and weird props from the Dollar Tree, mixed with a blindfold. The witch hat ring toss is a large cardboard rectangle that’s been painted, along with painted Solo cups and some diving rings. Donuts on a string is simply that, donuts and a string. The Monster scavenger hunt is just a printable i found online that I cut out and hid around my property. All cost efficient ideas!

Remote Trick Or Treating/Drive By Candy Table

This article is supposed to be alternatives to trick or treating, but there are areas in the United States and more where the numbers are not so bad. If you have the option of trick or treating, I would still air on the side of caution and do it with a modern twist. Remote trick or treating is something that people are doing. What does that mean? It means you leave the candy in a bowl far enough from your front door where kids can snag on their route. If you want to have the kids still ring the doorbell, have a claw grabber to hand out the candy, rather than touch the items yourself. You can also incorporate a neighborhood “drive by candy table,” where you lay out your candy for kids to grab on the drive by. You can decorate your table and make it super fun! Have the goodies packaged up in bags for easy (and safe) hand out!

Bottom line is, no matter how you choose to celebrate this year, it won’t be the same. But that doesn’t mean it still can’t be memorable! Your kids will love the day no matter what! Why? Because, candy. When in doubt, candy. The hunt for the delicious treasure might be a bit spoiled, but the end result is always the same. And nothing can take away the pure joy of candy on Halloween. xoxo, Megan