Let’s Get Crafty

Simple (and cheap) Painted Pumpkins

Fall never looked so colorful! I absolutely love this time of year! The pumpkins and Halloween decor is everywhere! Im a fan of the pretty decorations in the stores, but also love adding some of the homemade pieces around the house that the girls make. One simple and affordable idea is painting small white pumpkins using washable paint.

I like to head to Trader Joes and snag my pumpkins there because they always have the best deal. The white pumpkins are always 69 cents and they also carry larger varieties. If you wanted to get creepier and spend a bit more money, they have what they call “fairytale pumpkins” where the surface is super bumpy and looks moldy. These little guys did just the trick for our project.

Once you snag your pumpkins, it’s time for the paint! I swear by Crayola washable project paint! It comes in classic and neon color pack options, and it’s only $4.99 for 10 colors!


After you have your paint and pumpkins, all you need is a few more items and you’re ready to go! While you’re at the store snagging paint, get some paintbrushes if you dont already have some at home. Take all of your materials and head outside with your littles! This paint IS washable, but isnt messy proof. I like to go out to the patio and put a towel down to cover the paint from getting on anything. It’s also best to bring a small cup of water and paper towels, so they can change colors without blending together. Once you have the materials set out, let them go to town with their creativity! I love watching how concentrated they can get while painting, and how unique they all turn out in the end! Fun Centerpiece Idea: take some non-painted pumpkins and put them in a decorative bowl. Throw in a few (dried) painted pumpkins of your or your kid’s creations to give it an artsy touch! They’ll feel like they helped decorate, and it’ll still be something that won’t be an eye sore!


Apple Stamp Pumpkin Art

Talk about your super easy and fun craft idea!

This craft is a nod to all those out there who have used a potato as a stamp before! For some reason, potatoes and apples make great D.I.Y stamps. It’s probably because the way they absorb liquid or some science something like that. I could Google it, but that’s not what you’re here for. You’re here to learn how to be festive with your kids and I’m here to help.

To start, you will need the following:

  • a few sheets of plain white paper
  • a few apples-any will do but i used granny smith
  • a knife to cut the apples
  • orange acrylic paint
  • foam brushes to paint the apples
  • paper plate for paint
  • a few markers for decorating

After you have gathered your supplies, now it’s time to create! The reason that the apple work so well for this particular project is because when you slice an apple in half it carries a natural pumpkin shape. Plus, it’s fun to see the kids see apples from a different perspective. So, let’s get to it!

First, slice your apples in half. The side that holds the stem tends to be the better side to use for the pumpkins.

The next step would be to take your paper plate and drop some of that orange acrylic pain onto it.

Next, take one of your apple slices and dip it into the paint, or you can take your foam brush and paint the cut side of the apple for a more even effect.

You then take your painted apple side and press it firmly down onto the white paper. Be sure to press down pretty well, as the apple likes to absorb the paint. After you have finished that step, repeat these steps to make as many apple pumpkins as you like. Allow a few hours to let the paint dry.

When it comes to letting the kiddos do it, it might not turn out so “Pinterest Perfect” but they will have a blast making them! If you have younger ones, be sure to cut the apples ahead of time and be there to help press the apples down to create the shape. It’s so great to see their imaginations run wild with how many pumpkins they create!

Allow your pumpkin creations to dry for a few hours. If your little ones made pumpkins like mine did, they may have laid the paint on thick. In which case, let it dry overnight. Once the paint is dry, it’s time to decorate your pumpkins! We discovered that Sharpie brand markers work best if you used acrylic paint becasuse they can color over it better. Take your markers and create fun and unique faces! You can go with the classic spooky look, like i did.

Or, you can create a pumpkin patch full of strange and silly, like Emma did.

Or possibly, a more minimalistic look like Kensey.

Whatever it is, have fun and make it your own! This craft was super simple and cost me less than $20 to complete! I found all my supplies at Target in the arts and crafts section. Happy Halloween and have fun!