Mom Confessions

I Dont Always LOVE Being A Mom.

Okay, I’m about to spew out some stuff that’s probably been said by every mom out there, but here ya go. This mom stuff is HARD. I mean really, really hard. Also, I dont always want to do it and i dont always love it either. Wow, shocked? Now that you’ve had a minute to pick your chin up from off the floor, let me break down why.

First of all, it pays absoutely nothing, yet takes up the most of my time. If anything is going to run my life the way motherhood does, it better pay, and pay well!. But of course these tiny bosses of mine only spend my money, not fork over it over. Secondly, the lack of free time AND personal space. Now i know this article is coming from a young mother’s perspective, so my kids still want 100% of my time and attention. I know one day ill long for the times when they wanted to play dress up or color, or have tea and dance parties. But since this is a blog post dedicated to the tired mom at heart, I have to bring up my issues with it all. I can’t remember when i last washed my hair, yet I have had to pretend to be Aladdin 12 times today. Twelve times. I cannot tell you my last “kid free night out” but i can nurse a toddler while emptying the dishwasher. No lie, I’ve done it. And the lack of free space: every time i go to the bathroom or shower or change, that’s an invitation to join the party….WHY?!?

I miss the days of sleeping in past 7am. I miss the days of getting to go to Target and the list not be 99% kid stuff. I miss listening to songs in the car with bad words in them. I miss having reckless Saturday nights that turned into painful and hungover Sundays. I miss not having to hide my cookies and chocolate behind healthy stuff, so the kids dont see. I miss it all. It all sounds super silly when you lay it out in writing. But we dont know what kind of ultimate sacrifice it is being a parent until youre in it…and there is no way out.

Of course, I cant end the post without saying just how much I love them and how enriched my life is because of them. Being their mom makes me feel another level of love i didnt know was possible. I do worry that we let ourselves go in the process a bit. Dont forget to take time for yourself…big or small gestures welcome. As much as it pains me to do, I’ve started to put money aside for a girl’s trip. No plans on where to yet, but I am happy I made the decision to focus on me. I am not one to spend on myself, so this is a big step in the right direction. Dont get swallowed up in the mom game, ladies. Not every move you make needs to revolve around them. When you take time to respect yourself, youre teaching them a great lesson.