We Just Love Magic Jump Rentals

When it comes to throwing any type of party, I’ve officially got a GO-TO Team! The company is called Magic Jump Rentals, and they truly are magic and more! Magic Jump Rentals is a party rental service that covers the Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. Come March, they’ll be servicing the Antelope Valley and San Diego areas! When it comes to customer service, product quality, and safety, there is no one better!

I’ve had the pleasure of using Magic Jump Rentals for both of the girl’s parties this year, and each time I’ve had nothing but positive and memorable experiences. Not only is the process to order online so simple, they are thorough at making sure you are satisfied with your experience! They are always on time with your order, and for me they we’re flexible with pick up time! Each party we we’re able to enjoy the bouncers a bit longer than originally agreed upon, which the kids LOVED! The bouncers always showed up completely clean and they were inflated within minutes of arriving! Safety is of the highest importance to Magic Jump Rentals. The day of Emma’s party, there was a small chance of rain. Policy states that they cannot deliver if the weather calls for rain, due to safety. As much of a bummer as that sounds, the safety of the children attending our party was the most important thing to them. Did i mention that they are more than just inflatables?! Like, WAY more! They have everything from carnival games to rock walls and zip lines, concession machines, photo booths and more! There are endless possibilities to how you can amp up your next party with Magic Jump!

To learn more about Magic Jump Rentals, or to book them for your necxt party, head to:


Photography for this post and the birthday parties provided by:


Emma’s 8th Birthday Beach Bash

Believe it or not, it IS possible to throw a “beach party” in February. Tricky? Yes. Impossible. No.

Emma had her heart dead set on a beach party theme, and I didn’t have the heart to tell her no. So off to Pinterest I went. There were a lot of cute ideas I wanted to implement, so if you’re ever in a jam, seriously Pinterest is a miracle worker! The main highlights for Emma’s party according to Emma had to be:

  • Bounce house complete with slide
  • Cheeseballs and Gushers must be present
  • Pizza, lots and lots of pizza
  • Ice cream cake, and it must be cookies n’ cream
  • Limbo- for prizes

That didn’t seem like too bad of a list, and I am so happy to report that all of her requests were met. When it came to the bounce house, there was no other company I would go to other than Magic Jump Rentals. If you read my previous blog post about Kensey’s Frozen themed party, you know just how awesome they are! I wouldn’t count on any other party rental company for my events.

After preparing for this party for weeks, I felt like I had everything ironed out. Then the weather decided to throw a curveball at me and anticipate rain on the day of the party. With only a few days to spare before party day, I needed to figure out entertainment for a few dozen kids, and FAST. I contacted Magic Jump Rentals to see what my options were. I learned that due to safety reasons, they won’t deliver bounce houses when rain is present. They did however offer me four carnival games in exchange, which was music to my ears, because that will entertain the kids for hours, all while staying on theme. The carnival games reminded me of the fun boardwalks by the beach, so it completely worked! I was so relieved to have worked with a company that was so fast to fix the issue, and not leave me hanging without a plan. It completely turned the party around! I also ordered some “sand in a bottle kits” for each kid to create as a backup plan for the rain. No one was going to be bored on my watch.

The weather was at a 50% chance of rain come the night before the party, so we decided to play it safe and bring on the carnival games. I woke up on party day with a clear idea of how the party was going to go, and then the rain disappeared completely from the weather app! I quickly called Magic Jump Rentals and scheduled the original jumper to be delivered again, but let’s add a few carnival games, because I seriously moved furniture for this concept. I was relieved that the kids would have the bounce house she originally wanted, but now we have some extra fun to make this party complete. Again, Magic Jump Rentals was a BIG reason this party went to smoothly, so I can’t thank them enough.

It was time for the day of the party! Sunny (and cloudy) skies ahead, and a birthday girl full of excitement. After running around like a chicken with my head cut off all morning for prep, the party was ready to begin right at noon, all while I was still in my pajamas. After quickly changing into something less “swamp mom chic” I was ready to party! This beach bash had it all: tropical bounce house complete with obstacle course and slide, carnival games, a s’mores cart, as well as a ton of other fun activities and delicious food. I’m not one for pinatas, it’s just too much work for okay candy. So, we decided to create some fantastic goodie bags for the kids to take home instead.

Once the party began, it was just consistent chaos until about 5pm, which was only a few hours past the party end time. Since we had the bounce house until dark, I kept it open for the kids to stay and play if they wanted to. That was a blast for Emma, but boy was I ready for the day to end! The day began though, with s’mores. K Franco events hooked it UP for Emma’s party! Knowing her theme was a beach theme, they came fully decked out in beach aesthetic for their cart! She had a special custom sign with Emma’s name and the menu for the day. Upon ordering, she toasts the marshmallow on the spot and even melts the chocolate a bit, creating the most perfect and mouth watering s’more. Like them extra toasty? You got it! We had a full hour of on the spot s’mores and I was more than okay with this being my lunch! If you’re ever looking for that extra special touch to add to your next event, look no further. K Franco events has done everything from baby showers to weddings and more! These chic little square mallows make it a bit leveled up than your average s’more. I cant thank K Franco Events enough, and I cant wait to use them again!

After indulging ourselves in s’mores, I decided to snag some pizza to even things out. I’m all for desserts first, but all these kids needed a legit lunch. Along with pizza, they snacked on veggies and chips, and after all of that was finished, we sang Happy Birthday with ice cream cake. I got Emma a personal sized ice cream cake as well as a much larger one for her friends. After lunch, the kiddos enjoyed making sand art. I found the bottles and small funnels as a kit on Amazon, along with the sand to compliment the project. The kids loved how they could use the colors of the rainbow to create something beautiful for their family. Each creation looked different than the one next, and it was a beautiful sight to see. We also gathered the kids together for a fun game of limbo. I was quite impressed with just how flexible these kids really are! After some food and fun, the party came to an end. Everyone took home a goodie bag filled with toys and treats, all of which i got in a kit off, of course, Amazon. The fun addition to the bags were our favorites, Sunstaches! We LOVE Sunstaches because they are actual functional sunglasses with a fun twist to them. We use them for theme parks trips, car rides, and of course, party favors. They create everything from Disney to DC and even funny avocado glasses! Seriously, name your theme, they got something for that! They were kind enough to provide the glasses for her party, and for that I’m eternally grateful. Since it was a beach theme, we went with Ariel mermaid glasses for the girls and boat captain theme for the boys. They we’re a total hit!

Bottom line is, with a little bit of patience and creativity, and an Amazon prime membership, a beach party is totally possible any time of the year. I relied heavy on Pinterest for my ideas, like using a fisherman’s net and small clips to hang pictures on it. Then i took to Amazon and tried to minimize the extra work, like decorations and goodie bags. If you have a kid over the age of two, chances are a bounce house is all the entertainment they need. Most party rental places will have a beach or tropical bouncer as an option, but I would definitely check Magic Jump Party Rentals if you’re in the Southern California area. Having carnival games was certainly not on the original list of ideas, but having it there added the “boardwalk” element I didn’t even know was missing. It allowed the traffic in the bounce house to spread out a bit, and gave kids who needed a break an option for something else to do. Magic Jump had dozens of games to choose from, and we ended up choosing the ring toss and duck hunt. I also purchased tropical style temporary tattoos and had a station all set up with a wet sponge ready to go. I felt like there was more than enough to keep the kids happy and entertained, so I’m going to consider this party a total success! A HUGE Thank You to all who came out and celebrated our incredible Emma! The party would NOT have been a success without the people we love to share in the day, and that is what truly matters most.

I would like to personally thank Nicole Long Photography for providing all of the photos used in this post. She is absolute MAGIC behind the camera and specializes in family and engagement shoots, but also content creation at theme parks and anywhere else your heart desires in So Cal! Be sure to head to her Instagram at @NicoleLongPhotography or visit her site at:


You can also have the beach party of your dreams by booking your party needs through Magic Jump Rentals. Although I originally contacted them about a bounce house, they offer SO much more than that! And that customer service… their help picked my sad state off the floor after finding out about the rain and I can never thank them enough for that! They were punctual on BOTH parties on drop off and picking up. The bouncers were clean and ready to be used! Even after a small amount of rain happened, we used towels to dry it off and the towels were practically clean after wiping! To a germ hating mom, this is music to my ears! If you’re in the So Cal or Los Angeles area, do yourself a favor and visit them at:


Some other important links for your beach party planning that SAVED ME:

Sand Bottles with funnels:


Colored Sand:


Goodie Bags:



Captain's Hat Sun-Staches®

Fisherman’s Net Photo Holder:


Party Leis:


Temporary Tattoos:


To book K Franco Events for your next event, be sure to follow them on Instagram at @kfrancoevents or online at:


Emma’s blue tie-dye romper was from Justice and Kensey’s rainbow dress is from Cotton On Kids. The party decor was a mix of Target and Party City, and the balloons are all from Party City. The ice cream cake I custom ordered at Baskin Robbins and was delicious!

Micechat Gumball Rally 2020

Let’s Get Ready To Gumball!

I know what you’re probably thinking…WHAT is the Micechat Gumball Rally? To put it into its simplest form, it’s a contest/scavenger hunt in which the goal is to visit as many Disneyland attractions as possible in the time allotted. It’s the MOST fun you will ever have at Disneyland, I promise you that! Upon registration, teams of anywhere from 2 to 4 run around Disneyland (Not DCA) from opening all the way to sundown, trying to cram in as many attractions as possible. The winner receives a one of a kind trophy made out of a gumball machine, where a talented artist has crafted around it to depict a famous ride from the parks. This year, the star of the show was the Materhorn, but the trophy also had the monorail and Finding Nemo’s Submarine Voyage! Being my first time in The Gumball Rally, I was in awe of the trophy’s beauty and wanted to win badly!

My team consisted of my bestfriend Jennifer (@Randomly_riley) as well as our friends Leah Green (@cutebowdaddyo) and her daughter Abby Shayne (@theabbyshayne). Our team name was “Livin’ La Vida Yoda” and we were all decked out with maracas (thanks Leah!) and cute “The Child” accessories from Buckledown Products (thanks Jenn!) We we’re ready to win! Due to my distance from Disneyland, I knew being local beforehand was key, because check-in for Gumball was 6:30am sharp! I would like to thank The Howard Johnson Hotel of Anaheim for hosting my stay, and allowing me to be walking distance from not only where i needed to check-in, but also the parks themselves.

My teammate Jenn and I were up at 5:15am to get ready for the Gumball Rally. After all, it might be early but i still want to look cute! Once we we’re ready to walk, we grabbed our coffees and headed out. Due to checking in at an event the evening before, all we needed to do was grab our lanyards and rule books. That was a bonus because girl, that line was no good! After hearing an overview of the rules and getting our books, it was time for everyone to make a mad dash to the park. Most of us we’re honestly heading to get that all important “Rise Of The Resistance” boarding pass, and the lines to get in were CRAZY! Somehow, we all made it into the parks by 8:04am, and snagged boarding group 130 for Rise, the highest it had ever gone. That was not a good sign, but that’s okay, Rise wasn’t listed in the rule book as an option and we had a job to do. It was time to head on some rides and visit some attractions!

The handbook that was given to us had the rides and attractions listed that we’re apart of the competition. Each ride or attraction had a point value to it, so depending on the value of the ride, that would help you determine your strategy. Most fast pass rides were only worth a point, which was a bummer to me because those are the rides I go on least due to being a mom. Once you boarding a ride or visited an attraction, you would need to answer a question on your handbook about the ride, as well as take a picture with your team and numbers and email it in to a specific email. That way, it prevents any cheating or planning ahead. Each year, the questions and rules change, allowing everyone to have an even playing field. We had NO strategy and just wanted to enjoy ourselves and the experience, as we we’re all first timers.

We started in Fantasyland and worked our way around most lands. Not all stops we’re rides, but “attractions” such as walking through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and visiting Mickey Mouse. Depending on the ride’s point worth and wait time, we decided to just have a blast and not worry about being first place. We only stopped for a few bathroom breaks and lunch, and hustled as fast as we could from ride to ride. Due to the popularity of Rise Of The Resistance , the parks we’re very crowded that day, which made it hard to accomplish all of what was to offer.

The latest you could turn in your ballots was 7pm. Our team was beyond tired by 4pm and couldn’t hang on another minute. We decided to call it, and head to Disney California Adventure for an early dinner and celebratory margarita. By the time we finished our meal, it seemed there might be a beacon of hope that we could ACTUALLY ride Rise Of The Resistance, so we decided to head back to the Howard Johnson Hotel to wait it out. The awards ceremony for the Gumball Rally was anticipated to begin around the time that our boarding passes could be called, so we made the hard decision to miss out on the ceremony. It was a long shot, but I personally have never been on the ride and don’t have the opportunity to get a boarding pass or even stay long enough to board. This was different. I had a hotel room and nothing stopping me from this epic moment.

An hour after leaving the parks, we get notified our boarding group had been called. Not only had boarding group 130 NEVER been called before, it was also the final boarding group of the night. We had 45 minutes to scan our boarding pass or it was curtains. We ran as fast as we could down Harbor Blvd. to scan our tickets to get in and we made it! Over an hour later, i left the ride a changed person. This ride is not like anything I have ever ridden and I cannot wait to go on it again and again and again! I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, I know the process of even getting a chance to ride is grueling. But I can tell you this, it’s worth the hours of waiting for your boarding group to be called and it’s certainly worth the early morning wake up call to score one!

But back to the Gumball Rally…

Like i said, I’ve never done the Gumball Rally before. This was my first experience, and I was asked to be on a team, led by our captain Jennifer. I immediately agreed when I found out the entire point was to visit as many attractions as i could! That to me just seemed like the Disney dream! As a mom of two littles, I don’t get to visit all of the attractions that the park has to offer. I actually got to ride the rides i loved, without talking my way out of it due to a long line, etc. The added element of answering a question about the attractions made it more like a scavenger hunt, which was super fun! I will never miss a Micechat Gumball Rally in the future, as this is the dream Disney day! Registration is required, so be sure to follow Micechat on Instagram as well as on their blog for updated information on the next event, as well as up to date Parks info!

I would like to thank Micechat for sponsoring our event tickets and allowing us to experience this day! I would also like to thank The Howard Johnson Hotel in Anaheim for hosting our weekend stay, and allowing my family to relax while i rode rides till I dropped.

You can follow Micechat at:


Come relax MINUTES from the Parks by staying at the HOJO! Click the link below to book your next visit:


The theme for this year’s Gumball Rally was to save the gumball “Child” which was a Mandalorian reference of the popular baby Yoda from the show. I am happy to report that the Gumball child has been saved, but sadly we did not place in the top 75 teams overall in points. Oh well, there’s always next year. Long live Livin’ La Vida Yoda!

I absolutely LOVED my outfit for the day, because it was cute and functional. Some of the pieces I already had in my closet, and some I bought specifically for the day. I linked the pieces still available, as well as some alternatives for your purchasing needs:

Baby Yoda Tee:


Sheer star mesh top:


Boyfriend Jeans:


High Tops:


Disney After Dark: Sweetheart’s Nite

On February 12th, I was the lucky date of my best Galentine, Jennifer, to attend Disneyland’s After Dark event “Sweetheart’s Nite.” Jennifer, or as you may or may not know on Instagram as @randomly_riley , was asked by Mice Chat to write up a blog on her experience at a Disney After Dark event. When she asked me to be her date, of course I didn’t hesitate to say YES. I personally have never been to an after dark event, so I was excited to see what everyone had been talking about. All of the events that I have seen in the past from posts online have looked like so much fun!

“Sweetheart’s Nite” was originally conceptualized with the idea that couples young and old will attend with their “sweethearts.” I thought that attending with your “Galentine” or best girlfriend would be a great alternative to the traditional idea, and boy was it fun! The after hours event check in starts as early as 6pm. What that means is, if you purchased a ticket for the event, you can access Disneyland Park as early as 6pm at no additional cost! I personally am an annual passholder, so this made no difference to me. I did however, think it was pretty neat that you can enjoy the parks for 6 hours total for the cost of your ticket. It may not sound like much, but most of those hours are “after hours” hours, so the lines are minimal for rides once the event begins. We arrived dressed in our Galentine’s Day best about 6pm, and that was a mistake. Major traffic getting into the parking structure, so I would plan ahead on that one and carpool.

Once we we we’re parked, we decided to snag some dinner really quick before checking in. We headed to Disney California Adventure for some baked potato soup at Pacific Wharf Cafe, in which we mobile ordered as soon as we walked into the park. By the time we arrived on our three minute walk, it was ready for us! I highly recommend downloading the Disneyland app and mobile ordering your food when possible. It saves you time in line, which means more time for things you actually want to do. Once we ate, we headed back to the Disneyland gate, where we checked in and got our lanyards for the night. The lanyards act as an indicator to cast members that you are there for the event, because they are in the midst of getting regular guests to exit for the evening. Since there is an overlap of about an hour before things can begin, we grabbed our maps and snagged a locker and headed to The Jolly Holiday to read the map and decide what to do.

The event runs from 9pm-1am. There are a handful of special meet and greet opportunities with rare characters, as well as special food items that are not available in the parks during normal business hours. Aside from that, there are photo opportunities scattered around the park, as well as the option to ride most of the rides in Disneyland with very minimal lines. It is almost impossible to do everything, so making a plan is most important in making the most of your event experience. They often release information about the evening prior to the event, so you can sometimes plan way ahead, if you need to do so. Most people we’re dressed in couple’s cosplay or costume, but because it was nearly 40 degrees the entire event, lots of us covered up in jackets pretty quickly. We decided on the few items we we’re going to eat, as well as the characters we wanted to see and we headed off.

We snagged the “Pucker Up” sour cherry churro in Tomorrowland, which already had a line 30 minutes before opening. This churro was a regular churro base, dusted in sour red sugar. The topping to dip it in was a cream cheese frosting. The entire thing together reminded us of a toaster strudel, which for me was too sweet. I thought the sour sugar topping was pretty yummy, but the dipping sauce was too sweet for my taste. After snagging the churro, we headed towards the castle for the “Sweetheart’s Nite” fireworks show. This show was a custom show created specifically for the event. From Lady And The Tramp to Up, they played the classics while the skies above the castle sparkled. Watching the fireworks always makes me feel like a little kid. Due to the distance that I currently live from the parks, watching the fireworks rarely happens. This was an absolute treat for me and a definite highlight of the night.

Once the fireworks show ended, we started walking around to meet the characters we wanted to meet. We we’re most excited to see Hercules and Meg, because they are NEVER out. Poor Wonder Boy was stuck in this tiny dress of a costume, and it was freezing! The lines for characters felt like forever because the characters take breaks often. So if you want to meet characters, it might be tricky to meet them all. After Meg and Herc, came Anna and Kristoff. They of course we’re the cutest and so fun to hangout with! Milo and Kida from Atlantis we’re also a popular stop, but because i had zero clue who they were, we took a hard skip. Since it was Sweetheart’s Nite, you could of course meet a lot of classic couple characters like Ariel and Eric, Flynn and Rapunzel, as well as Belle and Prince Adam. Fabulous singles like Gaston and Anastasia and Drizella we’re also mingling with guests until the event was over.

Once we met a few characters, it was time to enjoy some of the photo backdrops that they had scattered around the parks. Disneyland did a fantastic job recreating some of their film’s most iconic and romantic moments for couples (and Galentines) to enjoy. From Aladdin’s balcony moment on the magic carpet, to Rapunzel and Flynn’s boat ride filled with lanterns, they nailed it! Of course, we couldn’t go to all of the adorable spots, so we picked our favorite few and snapped some cute bestie shots. The photographers loved the break from the romantic mood and we hammed it up as Galentines would! These photo backdrops have very long lines, so again pick your favorite few and be patient. Most locations that are anticipated to be popular have multiple set ups that are identical, so the line goes fast.

Once we did the photo taking and the character meeting, we wanted to experience the Royal Ball, which was a small show held every hour on the hour right out front of It’s A Small World. The show was an impromptu ball that starred a few of the Disney princesses and their princes, as well as some royalty from foreign lands. Royal friends I’m guessing. This evening, we we’re graced with the presence of Aurora and Phillip, Snow White and Prince Charming, Cinderella and her Prince, and finally Aladdin and Jasmine. Since this was royal ball, the three fairies were also in attendance. Things we’re all good, until Maleficent crashed the ball. Clearly, she was not invited, and was not happy and not receiving an invitation. Once she calmed down a bit, the Princesses and Princes asked the guests to dance. I was royally flushed when Cinderella’s Prince asked me to dance. I’m way awkward and must have complimented his shiny outfit ten times. Didn’t know what to say, lol. He was a gentlemen and it completely made my night. Once we enjoyed the ball a bit, we realized it was about time to leave. We had partied until nearly 1am, and I still needed to drive back home to Thousand Oaks. We snagged our stuff from our locker and headed homeward.

Like I said above, this was my very first after dark experience, so I have nothing to compare it to. I do have some tips and opinions on the evening I would like to share with you, in case heading to one of these events is on your bucket list (which it totally should be).

After Dark Event Tips:

  • Arrive early. You can access the parks hours before the event actually takes place, so avoid the traffic jam on the road and at the gate and get there early.
  • Check the weather beforehand. I loved my outfit and was dedicated to looking cute regardless of the weather. But about an hour in, my jacket was on and I was freezing. I saw lots of cute outfits with freezing people wearing them. Don’t be them. Check ahead of time.
  • Plan your outfits! Tet tohis is the moment other than the Halloween events that you can be over the age of 14 and dress up! If costumes are your thing- Go For It!
  • If you want the special collector’s pins: Head There First! Apparently, they only hand out a certain amount per evening, and the line is nuts! ask a cast member or check out on the map you’re given where the event merch is being sold, and run as fast as you can in that direction!
  • Take Advantage of Photo Pass! The photo employees are there specifically with professional equipment to capture your moments for free! Don’t count on your IPhone in the dark to get those magical shots you waited in line for. It’s not worth it. Let them take them and download the photos to your phone from the app within minutes of taking them.
  • If you like rides- Ride! This is the moment where if photos are not your thing, to take advantage of the little to no wait time in line. Most rides are open until 1am. Rise of the Resistance was not open for the event to ride, which I thought was a mistake and a bummer. Maybe for Star Wars After Dark, we’ll see. If you are not a passholder, this is a great opportunity to enjoy the park and ride the rides without the crowds.
  • Try the Food! Each event has their own unique offerings, so scope them out and choose your faves. We wanted to try more options, but ran out of time due to waiting for characters.
  • ENJOY YOURSELF. Seriously, enjoy yourself. It will be crowded in places and lines can be long in spots. Just enjoy your evening and the company you’re with. Depending on your personal preferences, map out a night for you and your party that you can enjoy.

Despite the chilly weather, I was completely obsessed with my outfit, and rocked it for as long as i could! These overalls we’re sent to me by Pepper Kids Inc. and with the puffy organza top and Chucks, I felt like a straight Minnie Mouse park treat! I’ve linked my outfit below.

Pink Organza Top:


Mouse Overalls:


Red High Top Shoes:


I would like to thank Mice Chat for hosting our evening of Galentine’s Day fun. Mice Chat is the GO TO spot for all things information regarding Disneyland and other theme parks and entertainment in the So Cal area. To read more and get informed, head to:


If you would like to experience one of these after dark events yourself, don’t worry. There are three more events already scheduled in the future. “Pixar Nite” will be held on March 5th at Disney’s California Adventure Park. “Villain’s Nite” will also be in Disney’s California Adventure Park on April 30th, and “Star Wars Nite” will be on August 27th in Disneyland Park. You can purchase tickets by heading to:


Kensey Turns Three- Frozen Style

This past weekend, we celebrated our littlest not being so little anymore. Kensey has been asking for a birthday party for months now, and not just any kind of basic party. This princess wanted a FROZEN themed party, and she had just a few ideas on how I could make it the best day ever! Those ideas included the following:

  • Frozen castle bounce house
  • Anna and Elsa MUST be in attendance
  • Pirate Booty
  • Frozen Fruit Snacks
  • Her best friend, Ruby, must also be able to come

To me, that didn’t seem too hard to accomplish, although some of those requests seemed (and still do) a bit much for someone just turning three. I mean, C’mon, I remember that day well, and i know for a fact I should be the one being celebrated. I was happy none the less to make her little dreams come true, and I think I got pretty close to hitting this one out of the park in her eyes.

This party was geared mainly towards the younger crowd, so I wanted to make sure that the activites and party favors matched the age of the guests. We had a spread of all of Kensey’s favorite foods, like chips and pizza, as well as some options for the grown ups, like a veggie tray and some gluten free options. The kids also got to enjoy some pretend play with masks and Frozen themed Sunstaches sunglasses, and they even got a pair or two in their goodie bags to take home. Click on the link below to see all of their Frozen themed options:

Disney's Frozen

For entertainment, I was lucky to find the BEST bounce house rental company in Southern California to come help with the party! Magic Jump Rentals has everything you need from inflatables to seating, to food machines and more from L.A to Orange County, and even the Inland Empire. The company was exactly on time to deliver the bouncer, and even let us keep it a few extra hours at no additional cost! The staff was super friendly and professional, and completely made my daughter’s birthday one to remember! As parents, we LOVE bouce houses because they can entertain kids for hours on end, while I get to sit back and relax and enjoy her having fun!

You can access ALL of Magic Jump Rentals options by clicking on the link below:


We we’re also fortunate enough to have royalty stop by at her birthday party. Kensey wanted her dearest friends, and personal heroes, Anna and Elsa to come to her party. Not because she needed to have the best party one could ask for, but because she genuinely sees Anna and Elsa as her friends and wanted them to be in on the fun! A few calls to some friends later, and we had ourselves a royal birthday party! Anna and Elsa surprised Kensey by arriving during her party and playing some fun games with her friends. We played pin the nose on Olaf and pin the snowflake on Elsa. We played freeze dance too, which basically turned into one big dance party! They even stayed to sing the birthday girl Happy Birthday, and helped her blow out her birthday candles! I think it’s safe to say, Kensey and her friends LOVED spending time with our special guests!

Once Anna and Elsa needed to head back to Arendelle, we continued to bounce and play! I had bubbles set out for the kids, so that was a huge hit too. The kids continued to enjoy snacks and cupcakes, with the cutest little cupcake toppers from Glam Banners. Each kid took home a goodie bag and sunglasses, and a huge tired smile on their face! This Frozen party was a total success, and yes, her best friend Ruby did make it to the party, which was obviously most important piece of the day!

I’d like to thank the following for contributing to Kensey’s special day:

  • Magic Party Rentals- for providing the bounce house
  • Glam Banners- for providing the cupcake toppers
  • Sunstaches- for providing the Frozen sunglasses
  • Disguise Costumes- for providing the costumes and wigs for Anna & Elsa
  • Nicole Long Photography- for providing all the photography for the party.
  • Say It Now Boutique- for providing the fabric headbands for my girl’s party outfits
  • Anna & Elsa Actors- You know who you are. Thank You for your magic

60 Perfect Instagram Captions For Your Next Disney Trip

60 Perfect Instagram Captions For Your Next Disney Trip

You did it. You took that perfect pic you’ve been wanting to post, and now it’s finally time. You go to caption it, and your mind goes blank. Sound familiar? For me, it’s almost every time. You want to seem creative, but sometimes all you’ve had is a iced coffee for breakfast, and like 10 seconds to post. You can scroll Pinterest for inspo, and believe me that helps. But I thought it would be fun to create a list of Disney themed caption ideas, all in one blog post, just for you! Less searching, more posting! I did not invent these sayings, but more curated them in one area for you to use in a pinch, or for inspiration. Hope you Enjoy!

“There’s nothing more magical than this.”

“Ready to make some magic while I’m here.”

“Find me on Mainstreet.”

“Does this ice cream go with my ears?”

“Yo-ho! Yo-ho! A Disney life for me.”

“Looking for my Prince Charming.”

“Did anyone find my glass slipper?”

“You mer-maid my day!”

“It all started with a mouse.”-Walt Disney

“Smiling Ear to Ear.”

“Just add pixie dust.”

“Leave a little magic wherever you go.”

“Get in the elephant loser, we’re going flying.”

“Don’t mind if I Bibbity Bobbity do.”

“I wish I may, I wish I might find myself in Disneyland/World tonight.”

“Some girls we’re just born with Disney in their veins.”

“When you wish upon a bar…”

“You had me at Disney!”

“Polka dots never go out of style.”

“Everything tastes better when it’s Mickey shaped.”

“You like my ears? Gee thanks, just bought em’.”

“It’s not easy being a princess…but hey, if the shoe fits!”

“I’m never leaving.”

“Who says we have to grow up?”

“I’m either at Disneyland, or I’m missing Disneyland.”

“Speak Wookie to me.”

“Turkey legs for days.”

“And she/he lived happily ever after.”

“Be right back, just polishing my tiara.”

Caption Worthy Movie Quotes

“Adventure is out there!”-Up

“If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.”-Cinderella

“And at last I see the light.”-Tangled

“Remember, you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine.”-Snow White

“Everything the light touches is our kingdom.” -The Lion King

“She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.” -Beauty and the Beast

“Forget about your worries and your strife.”- The Jungle Book

“Let it go.”-Frozen

“If you don’t try, you’ll never know.”-The Sword in the Stone

“Unbelievable sights, indescribable feelings.”-Aladdin

“Wish I could be part of that world.”-The Little Mermaid

“Happiness is the richest thing you will ever own.”-Duck Tales

“Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.”-Merida, Brave

“Listen to your heart, you will understand.”-Grandmother Willow, Pocahontas

“The only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability.”-Ratatouille

“Even miracles take a little time.”-Cinderella

“If you focus on what you left behind, you will never be able to see what lies ahead.”-Gusteau, Ratatouille

“I never look back, darling, it distracts from the now.”-Edna Mode, Incredibles

“I’m practically perfect in every way.”-Mary Poppins

“True love is putting someone else’s needs before yours.”-Olaf

“Put your faith in what you most believe in.”-Tarzan

Royalty Themed Quotes

“She is a Queen, her soul is royalty.”

“What’s a Queen without her King? Well, historically speaking, more powerful.”

“Queen is a state of mind.”

“Wear the crown. Be the crown. You are the crown.”

“Never be afraid to align yourself in a position of power.”

“I have dignity and style; royalty runs in my blood.”

“Keep your crown on.”

“A King may rule, but a Queen will conquer.”

“You were born to be a Queen.”

“Me, a princess?! Shut up!”-The Princess Diaries

Anxiety Is Tough, But So Am I

December was supposed to be my month. My month to write all the holiday blogs I’ve always wanted to write, to conquer holiday shopping like a boss, to send out cards and learn to cook new recipes. My month to create all that cute Christmas content and take my kids on new adventures. Just listing all that “stuff” had me exhausted. And that was my exact problem. I had created this vision in my head on how the month was going to go, and it didn’t occur to me that I was setting up completely unrealistic expectations. Why do we do this to ourselves? Take social media out of it for a second. We as people, especially parents, set up the most magical time of year to be the most stressful. Why? Who’s winning?

Spoiler Alert: No One Is.

I had a problem. I was no longer motivated to accomplish any of the things I set out to do. My lack of passion had me thinking “Was I not cut out for this blogger stuff? How can others do this, but I just can’t?” And then it occurred to me that there was nothing wrong with my level of passion, but my list of priorities. I did not want to sacrifice my sanity to finish some silly tasks. I didn’t want to miss out on moments that mattered, simply to get the shot “for the gram.” I needed balance. So, I went online and googled how to fix my problem, because that’s what we humans do. I found a TON of articles, many unrealistic to my lifestyle. Sorry, don’t have 12 hours to meditate or access to funds to take a “me” trip to Costa Rica. I did however, find some helpful advice that I broke down into five key points to focusing on when trying to regain balance back into your life. These drastically helped me get back to a much better place, and I hope they help you too.

Get Enough Sleep

Seriously, I know this sounds super obvious. But it’s the one thing I put by the wayside the most. I work at night from home, and my youngest is turning three this month and still nurses. So sleep is already a tough thing to come by. When i do get a full 6-8 hours, I’m a completely different person. I’m pleasant, patient, and present. If you are like me, and can’t get a consecutive 6-8 per day, try your best to find time for a nap during the day. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your life with a much better perspective.

Work That Bod

Get your body moving in some way, but with intention. That means, if you’re chasing your toddler around all day, that doesn’t count as a workout. You need to get your heart pumping at a high enough rate to release those good endorphins you feel from working out. Not an athlete? That’s okay! Just put some cute workout clothes on, open your front door, and take a nice walk around the neighborhood. Put those earbuds in and rock out to your favorite tunes while you’re at it! You’ll release some stuff that has you feeling blocked and come back a brand new person.

Find Time For A Greater Power

This can mean SO many things. I grew up in a religious household, but not one that was smothering about it. We attended church on a regular basis, and I was a part of its youth group. I had a complicated childhood, like most people, so having God in my life was a way to feel safe during a time I did not. To this day, when I’m feeling at my lowest, I head to church. I’m the one in front crying over nothing, because being there is straight therapeutic. This is my story. I know not everyone is religious, so finding a greater power can simply mean closing your eyes and finding peace in the silence. Meditation is such a powerful tool to finding balance again, although it takes a bit of practice. Whenever i hear complete silence, my mind starts racing and I can’t turn it off. So this method doesn’t work for me. Between meditation and prayer, you’ll find what works for you, even if it’s a mix of both. With all the noise of our world, silence is truly golden.

Write Down Your Gratitudes

It is so easy to head down the path of negativity when you’re dealing with anxiety or stress. You feel like the world is against you, so why not add to the list with more negative thinking, right? The way to combat that is to literally write down what you’re grateful for everyday for 14 days. Each day has to be a completely different list than the last day, but it must be things you’re genuinely grateful for. These things can be as simple as the air you breathe and the water you drink. They can be people in your life, your home or job, etc. There is something powerful in having to think about the positive rather than focus on the negative, and then writing them down. Try this for two consecutive weeks and watch your perspective change.

Get Some Much Needed “Me” Time

Other than the sleep thing, this is the other one that’s hard for me. From the moment my eyes open, my day is filled to the brim with life and work obligations, so when am i supposed to fit in “me” time? You HAVE to find the time. Getting away to somewhere simple like Target without kids can do a number on your sanity. Grab that venti Starbucks drink and walk around a bit. I also challenge you to treat yourself from time to time. Buy yourself those cute pair of jeans or treat yourself to a manicure. It doesn’t have to be too expensive, it just has to be for YOU and you only. Ever since having kids, I got into this habit of spending all my time and money and energy on them. Don’t get me wrong, they’re super cute and all, but I was sacrificing all my happiness for theirs. I was dropping hundreds a year on custom Disney outfits, but couldn’t bring myself to buy the cute bra I saw on sale. I had a problem with rewarding myself. You see, it’s not about the item, it’s about what doing that will do to your self worth. Putting yourself first can create a better mental space for yourself, and that will reward all areas in your life. Maybe you don’t have kids but are a big saver and don’t really treat yourself. Start to shift your thinking just a bit, because life is too short, and you’re totally worth it.

Mental illness affects so many, and in no way is this blog a prescription on how to fix that. I struggle daily with anxiety and stress management, but I realized that eliminating certain things from my life helped create more balance, so this is why i wanted to share. Remember you are loved, and it’s all going to be okay. We all have seasons in our lives, both good and bad. Don’t let it define you. You got this!

Frozen Two Premiere

Frozen Two Premiere

Frozen fever is officially back, and we couldn’t be happier over here at the Block house! So you better believe that when we got invited to the Frozen Two World Premiere in Los Angeles, we screamed louder than we’ve ever screamed before! Without giving away any spoilers (because that is just not nice) I would love to recap the magical evening for you all, along with my opinion on the film.

Let me start by saying that Frozen was Emma’s first movie she attended at the age of 2 1/2. All this excitement and build up, for her to want to leave 45 minutes in. A funny memory now, but i can still remember how upset i was when i had to leave. The magic and music of the first installment had me hooked. Now, being a mom of two girls, this movie holds such a special new meaning. The bond the sisters have reminds me a lot of my own girls; their personalities a bit too. In a perfect world, I would have loved to have taken both to this once in a lifetime situation. But it is more of a grown up occasion, so I decided to take Emma and make it a girl’s date.

This premiere wasn’t just filled with stars from the movie. It was also filled with guests that are also dear friends to us, so naturally we all decided to meet up beforehand at the Dave and Busters off Hollywood and Hyland. Emma was excited to spend the evening all dressed up with her bestfriend Riley, as well as new friends! She had a bit of a costume change from lunch to the red carpet. We started the day in a beautiful Anna inspired dress and white fur snowflake purse from the Disney Store. We paired it with a pair of boots from Target, which I know are not accurate to what she wears, but with these kind of events, comfort is key.



Snowflake Purse:


Tan Boots:


We were gifted by Disguise Costumes, a pair of beautiful costumes to rock at the premiere, so Emma got to channel both sisters in one night! This Elsa costume is from the latest Frozen movie and looks just like it does on screen! She wore it all night and was super comfortable in the outfit! My Anna outfit was quite a showstopper. First of all, COMFORTABLE. Like seriously comfortable. I would honestly wear it everyday it’s cold. It also looked so much like the film! The quality is impeccable and i cant thank Disguise Costumes enough for sending us these beauties! I’ve linked the outfits below:

Elsa Child Costume:


Anna Adult Costume:


Once we were all nice and fed, we were able to wait in line to head into the red carpet. We were invited by Disney Studios to enjoy the evening in the “fan section,” which means everyone in that section was encouraged to dress up in their Frozen best. Waiting in line with the fan section is the best because everyone looks so incredible! From costumes to ball gowns, everyone was decked out! While we were waiting in line, Emma and Riley we’re even interviewed by BBC America, in which Emma did a fantastic job keeping her composure. A natural television star!

After a short wait, we were escorted onto the red carpet. This is such a surreal moment, because it’s the first time you get a look at where the stars will be arriving. We snag our spots in the front and wait for the magic to begin. It’s a bit of a wait, but no one cares…we’re at The Frozen Premiere! As you look around, you notice where the limos pull up. You notice the news stations and camera crew. You notice Anna and Elsa and even Olaf! The magic of Disney premieres always includes characters!

Once the cast and crew of the film started to arrive, you could feel the energy lift. We were put right next to the interviewing booth, which was a great view! The cast and crew were escorted right to our direction, and we got to see them being interviewed firsthand. The girls enjoyed seeing the stars and even some Disney Channel favorites! Once everyone had made their way down the red carpet, the time had finally come to see the most anticipated film of the year!

My Thoughts On The Movie

Okay, so i want to break down my thoughts on the movie without giving anything away. Sounds impossible, right? Might be. But I’m sure going to try because i would hate to spoil the movie and its plot points for anyone. So here is what i can tell you, without telling you a thing.

This movie was the most powerful film I have seen Disney come out with in a very long time. From a story standpoint, a lot of questions are answered. When we first met this royal family from Arendelle, we didn’t know much about them. In this movie, their history is revealed in a way that answers so many questions. The emotions you will feel while seeing this movie is on another level. The complexity of the characters and what they are experiencing and feeling is not something i was quite prepared for. The messages that we’re spoken through both song and in the story were absolutely beautiful. And let’s talk about how funny this movie is. Not silly and childish funny, but actually funny. By far, my favorite takeaway from this film was the music. I still cannot listen to some songs without crying, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I absolutely feel that this movie has a place in the awards section this year, especially in best original song. Be prepared to sing “Into The Unknown” over and over like we all still do with “Let It Go.” One last film related thing: stay until after all the credits have finished rolling for a cute additional scene.

After the film had ended, we were all left with our jaws on the floor. The twist and turns that this movie takes will have you wanting to see it a few times to catch it all. I can’t encourage you all enough to see Frozen Two. It is by no means a prissy little princess movie, but it still has the innocence of those Disney classics it will be paired next to. I can’t thank Disney enough for inviting us on this special occasion, and I can’t wait for you to all enjoy the film as much as i have. Here’s to going Into the Unknown!

Why We Love Sunstaches

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” – John Muir

What do your kids like to do for fun? Well, my girls are imagination machines! They could play dress up and pretend all day long! I mean, the best part of being a kid is being able to be anything or anyone, with just the power of your imagination, right? Well, one of our favorite brands, Sunstaches, created a way to make dress up so fun and simple: with cool themed shades!

From Pokemon to Minions, Mickey to Elsa and so much more, you can simply change the theme of your outfit with the quick change of glasses. As you can see, we are ADDICTED and have dozens and dozens in our collection. I store mine in a big mint colored bin that i snagged from Target, and the girls will spend the afternoon switching sunglasses on and off, while pretending to be whatever they resembled. An absolutely great way to spend time at home with the kids having fun and being silly!

These little babies make fantastic party favors as well! They honestly have every theme imaginable, and can fit into even the most specific of party requests. Last year for Emma’s 7th birthday party, we gave out rainbow poop emoji sunglasses with the goody bags! Yep, you heard me right…… rainbow poop emoji glasses! They were easily the favorite favor in the bunch and because they look so darn cute, even the parents were giggling and loving them!

You can find Sunstaches pretty much anywhere and everywhere, including theme parks and party stores. The party stores like Party City are stocked with them at the moment. Why? Halloween of course! These little accessories can instantly turn you and your entire spooky bunch ready to trick-or-treat in style! Recently, Sunstaches sent us a Halloween costume kit to celebrate their “14 Days of Halloween”. Inside was some adorable clothes and matching Sunstaches to go with, to create simple costumes that you can still play in! Even I got an outfit, and I felt so special to be included in the fun!

Kensey was gifted a yellow shirt and an adorable denim overall dress, along with Minion style goggles to make a Bob or Kevin, whichever has two eyes haha. Emma was SO excited to receive a ladybug dress and matching glasses to become one of her favorite superheroes, Miraculous. She loves the show and felt just like her in this pretty little ensemble. She honestly didn’t take it off for hours. I received a cute yellow skater dress and matching Pikachu Sunstaches to turn me into the cute little Pokemon character. These were the perfect way to break into the Halloween season, and also a fantastic way to show how simple it is to turn everyday outfits into costumes with the help of Sunstaches!

So, whether you’re looking for a fun afternoon activity, or that last piece to put your Halloween party costume together, Sunstaches has you covered. My kiddos enjoy hours of entertainment with these sunglasses, and i get the best pictures to have as memories to look back on. Having a themed party? Snag some for photo booth props. Heading to Disneyland or Universal Studios? Snag some to add that costume flair, minus the costume price tag. They also make great entertainment for the kids in the car for long car rides. I’ve saved hours of sanity just by throwing a few of these babies in the back of the car. The sizes range from toddler all the way to adult, so there is a pair of Sunstaches for everyone. Ill leave a link to them at the bottom, but you can also find them on Instagram at @Sunstaches. They share great pictures daily of people rocking their Sunstaches, and if you tag them, they just might share yours too!


Halloweentime At Disneyland

There’s no doubt about it, the holidays at Disney parks are absolutely magical! Whether you’re more of a Halloween person or the Christmas fanatic, there is something for everyone at the Disneyland Resort. Unlike the other theme parks that surround it, the Walt Disney Company stays true to their image of keeping this season as family friendly as possible. That means no crazy monsters screaming at you from around the corner or corpse-style decorations. The characters and treats have just the right amount of spooky added, giving it that holiday feeling without going overboard. Recently, we had the pleasure of staying at our favorite hotel, the Howard Johnson Hotel in Anaheim. With its close distance to the theme parks and family friendly amenities, the HOJO, as it’s known,is the only place we choose to stay when enjoying a Disney trip. We were asked by them to cover our experience at the parks and all things spooky, and of course we were happy to do so.

Disneyland Parks is not the ONLY part of the parks that are decorated for the Halloween season. Downtown Disney always does an incredible job of adding an extra dose of festive to all of their centerpieces down their walkway. Each year they change the look, so when it is revealed, it’s a total surprise to the guests. This year, they had the “Fab Five” as they call them (Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Daisy, and Minnie) depicted in an artsy way, along with painted pumpkins. Even the light post displays get festive where they color and shape the floral fixtures like candy corn! If you have an extra second to look at more of the displays in the Downtown Disney Disctrict, head to the Grand Californian Hotel. There they have a giant Oogie Boogie cake that is quite a sight to see! This cake is over four feet tall and contains 260 pounds of powdered sugar, 380 eggs, 110 pounds of rice cereal, and 480 pounds of fondant! Obviously there are more ingredients to add to the mix, I just thought those numbers were insane! Definitely a sight to see!

You can honestly have the Disney Halloween experience without even setting foot into the parks! Take a nice stroll from the hotel, but dont forget your coffee for the walk over. Howard Johnson has the best coffee in every room and portable cups to take it with you! My favorite little treat for this small stroll. After you reach the parks and make it through security, enjoy walking through the shops and take in all the sights. Marceline’s Confectionery has all of the festive treats as the parks do, so you can satisfy that sweet tooth of yours. After you snag your treat, head back to the esplanade to enjoy the fireworks, or your hotel room for one of the best views of the fireworks around!

If you’re heading to enjoy a day at Disneyland, there are so many activties and treats for you to enjoy! From Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy to meeting villains like Maleficent and the Queen Of Hearts, evil has certainly taken over the parks. The Dapper Dans have switched out their colorful vests for a festive all orange and black look. My favorite part of the Halloween season is that cute Mickey winking pumpkin that shows up on Main Street. Because if you dont take a picture with winking Mickey, did you even go to Disneyland during Halloween? haha.

Both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure Park during the day are very family friendly. You can experience all the park has to offer without avoiding any particular area. I do think that both Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy After Dark are more adult style experiences, so if your loved one has a fear of the dark, it’s best to avoid. In Ghost Galaxy, the stars and space effects are replaced with the ride being in complete darkness with a ghost character chasing you. Kind of scary if you ask me. Guardians of the Galaxy: After Dark is still the same level of fun as the original ride, but the lights are more spooky and there is a fire monster chasing after you! If your little ones have a fear of the Disney villains, you may want to avoid them too. They get very into character and make the experience quite authentic. Kensey loves them in the movies, but wouldn’t go near them in the parks. Mickey Mouse and the gang always dress up in their Halloween best, and they meet on Main Street U.S.A all throughout the day. Check the Disneyland app for timing if you want to snag pictures with all of them. You can always meet them in their regular outfits over in Toontown. On your way over to DCA, be sure to stop in the stores for all of the seasonal merchandise and yummy treats! The ears and Disney merch gets cuter and cuter every year and the treats get more delicious! My favorite treat of the season is the cauldron cake pop! A dark chocolate cake pop with a surprise sour rainbow belt inside. The poison apple face on the side and candy crisp balls add the right amount of spooky and beautiful. The color of the season is all things purple, after all. From the poison apple mugs to the cauldron annual passholder popcorn bucket, Disney is obsessed with purple this year! And that Mickey pumpkin? Yep, he is everywhere too. From the ever so popular Loungefly pumpkin backpack, to sequin flip shirts and more, he is running this Halloween season.

You can find all of these adorable things and more in the shops down Main Street U.S.A. There is a store right next to the Magic Shop that is dedicated to all things Halloween, as well as a section of Frozen 2 merchandise. The goodies are also scattered throughout the park, and available online at shopdisney.com. Just click the link below to shop it all without having to buy a ticket into the parks!


After you have had some fun at Disneyland, it’s time to head Disney’s California Adventure, or DCA as we all call it. DCA has a bit more to offer this year for its Halloween season, be it that is the home of the trick-or-treat party they call the “Oogie Boogie Bash.” The bash is only available by purchasing tickets ahead of time, and sadly, we were not able to snag some this year. They sometimes have tickets for sale the day of, but this year was completely sold out months in advance. Your best bet is to keep an eye out next season around August when the tickets go on sale initially, as it is easily Disneyland Resort’s most popular event.

As you walk into the park, you are already greeted by a giant Oogie Boogie display hanging on the Disney California Adventure sign. And bonus: he talks! He is so entertaining to listen to as you are waiting in line to enter. Once you have entered the parks, purple banners and bats scatter all over as decor, almost as if Oogie Boogie himself decorated. There is a statue of the headless horseman in the center of Buena Vista Street as you head towards Hollywood Studios. Mickey and his friends have dressed up a bit too on Buena Vista Street, wearing cosumes they made themselves out of “clothes and pieces they found in the attic.” The shops of course are decorated with the latest Halloween merchandise and the treats are spooky too! Even the outside vendors carry spooky merchandise like pumpkin hats and ears, and things that glow for the nightime, like the Oogie Boogie lanyard. The cotton candy now tastes like candy corn and is shaped like the sweet treat, but only for a limited time!

My favorite treat of all is the spiked hard apple float, available at Clarabelle’s hand scooped ice cream, next to Starbucks. This delicious alcoholic drink is hard apple cider topped with a scoop of delicious apple sorbet, and drizzled with caramel. The sorbet comes scooped and stuck onto a long toothpick and put on top, so you can enjoy alone, or dip it into your cider. I let the sorbet melt into my drink for that extra sweetness. So delicious and festive, and perfect for these oddly hot Fall days at Disney.

The best place to spend time at DCA to get that Halloween feel has to be Cars Land. They go ALL OUT with the decor, and not one corner is missed. They transform the cones into scary monster looking guys, the car parts like oil cans into spiders, and chains into spiderwebs. They decorate the cars into their Halloween best, rocking their favorite costumes, which makes for great photo opportunties. The snacks and treats in Cars Land have gotten a spooky upgrade, like their “Spooky Cone” macaron and the “Slow burnin’ Mac and Cheese Cone,” a spicy take on their original bread cone options.

Whether you’re headed to the parks for a fun family experience, or just a great day with your friends or loved ones, Disneyland Resort is a grand spooky time! You can eat your weight in yummy seasonal food, and feel the festive atmosphere all around! The spell is cast from September 4th and will end on Halloween night, so be sure to head to the parks soon to experience it all!

We had such a great time experiencing this season as a family, and we can’t say enough great things about our time at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Anaheim! They made our trip one to remember! The rooms are so cute and comfortable, the amentites are endless, and the staff are the most friendly and professional people Ive had the pleasure of meeting! If you are looking for a place to stay on your trip, book at the Howard Johnson! You wont regret it, and like our family, keep coming back again and again! Click the link below to book your stay today!


Photography for this wonderful experience was available by the following talented photographers:

http://www.jonandjessstudio.com http://www.nicolelongsphotography.com

Both of these photographers we’re incredible to work with and I would strongly recommend booking them for your next park visit or shoots outside the parks! Be sure to follow them on Instagram at @jonandjessstudio and @nicolelongphotography