Places We Love

Wish Out Loud

If there is one place that we love to go as a family to celebrate imagination and creativity, its Wish Out Loud in Aliso Viejo, California. This establishment is unlike any other party experience you have attended. From the kind and attentive staff, to the beautiful decor and more, Wish Out Loud has it all. The one thing i do love most of all, is its pride on offering services to all, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. They cater to whatever the guest of honor finds joy in. If your child wanted to have a princess party, they have it! How about a Star Wars party? You got it! Gone are the days of gender stereotypes when it comes to themes, and i have to say, amen to that!

My girls have gone to both their themed parties as well as a few friend’s birthday parties, and each time we come, we’re blown away by what they can do. They offer special events, like “Anna’s Chocolate Cupcake Day” that book up in advance, so be sure to follow them on Instagram and their website for up to date information as well as booking. For birthday parties, they have various packages to choose from. Each child gets a magical experience they will NEVER forget!

When you attend a party, you’re greeted by the staff at the door and brought into the main room. There, the children are invited to dress up to match the theme of the party. Activities can range from sparkle makeovers, where you get your hair and nails done, to art activities and more! Dancing is always involved, as well as yummy pizza and cake! They offer guests the fun of making their own party favors to take home, where that can be anything from a charm bracelet to a stuff your own bear experience! Not a detail is missed at the parties, and the owner Zaid Alawad and his wife are all to thank for that. From the handmade centerpieces to table settings fit for a queen, I always am jealous that i can’t sit in on the fun! If you’re looking for a party that will be remembered by your child and guests for years to come, Wish Out Loud is the place! I highly recommend coming to a themed event to check it out! They have specific time slots for toddlers as well, where the activities are geared towards a younger age group. Kensey loves those because she isn’t having to compete with her sister and other big kids for space and attention. I love it because it’s always right before her nap time lol.

And can we talk about the characters!!! Each theme has the character attending to match. From Elsa and Anna, to Rey and Kylo, and even Moana, they are bound to have your child’s favorite available to come on that special day! The costumes are stunning, and the interaction with the kids and families are well worth coming here for. I cant say enough good things about Wish Out Loud in Aliso Viejo! We will continue to come and attend their events, even with the new driving distance. We just love it that much! And so will you!